Ethan Haas Was Right Spoilers

This page gives spoilers to the Ethan Haas Was Right website.

I strongly suggest that if you haven’t played the game yet that you read no further, because this page will give you all the answers to the puzzles.

If you want hints rather than spoilers, go to my Ethan Haas Was Right Hints page.

Puzzle 1 Spoiler:
This is pretty straight-forward. You have to click the tiles in the order they push out from the object. If you make any mistakes, it will show you the right sequence, and you have to click it again in that order.

Puzzle 2 Spoiler:
By now you should have sent that e-mail. In it, you’ll get a message that has a word that is shown in all caps: HAAS. Use the symbolic alphabet you’ve seen in the stars to put the symbols corresponding to H and A on the rings facing you, and then move the large disk laying flat to the symbol pair representing AS.

Puzzle 3 Spoiler:
This one I can’t give a real walk-thru answer to because I didn’t write my answer down. Now, the thing you have to do here is move one of the lit bulbs, jumping over another lit bulb to an unlit space. When you do this, the bulb you jumped will turn off. You have to do this until there is only one bulb left.

Puzzle 4 Spoiler:
This one was tough. You have to use your arrows keys to move the balls around on the grid and trap them. The blue ball controls the direction. From the starting position, hit the arrow keys in this sequence:


It’s important that you make the balls actually move. In some of the sequences, just pressing the arrow key will make the arrows change direction, but the balls won’t move. If this happens, press the arrow key again to make them move and then go to the next key in the sequence.

Puzzle 5 Spoiler:
This is another puzzle in which you’ll need to use the symbols and translate them to letters from the alphabet. In the video you see right before this puzzle, you’ll see the numbers 54312 flash by quickly.
Right down all the letters that match the symbols that flash on and off, above the other symbols on the tiles. You’ll get:






Ignore the English words, and rearrange these in 5 4 3 1 2 order:


That still doesn’t make much sense, until you read them from in column down order, instead of row to row order. Rearrange these like that and you’ll get THEBEGINNINGISTHEEND, or “The Beginning Is The End”.

Now that you’ve got that, take those letters and click on the symbol tiles below the flashing symbols you just decoded. When you click the final symbol into place, you’ll get your final message.

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  1. I start to click on the symbols to spell thebeginingistheend, but all the sybols are not there. Also, sometimes I have a choice of 2 or 3 symbols for the same letter. Is it by guess work to know which symbol to choose? For example, I had 3 symbols for the letter T. Thanks

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