Lost Season 4 Finale Synopsis – Hour 2

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There’s No Place Like Home – Hour 2

In continuation of the Season 3 finale, the car Kate is driving screeches it’s brakes and she turns around and drives back to Jack. She gets out of the car and starts yelling at Jack. She says that when she saw the obituary for Jeremy Bentham. She says that he came to her and listened to what he had to say, she knew he was crazy. Now she can’t believe that Jack would believe Bentham, “Him, of all people!” Jack says that he believed because Bentham told him it was the only way to keep Kate and Aaron safe. Kate slaps Jack and tell him that she shouldn’t say Aaron’s name, and that she still has to explain to Aaron why Jack isn’t there. Kate said that she’s spent the last three years trying to forgot what happened during the day that they left the island. She says, “How dare you ask me to go back”, and drives off.

On the island, Jack and Sawyer come across The Orchid and they start to make a plan when they hear a noise. It’s Hurley. Hurley leads them to The Orchid, which appears to be the remains of a greenhouse. Locke is there looking around, and he greets Jack.

On the boat, Desmond surveys that explosives and the detonator. Desmond tells Jin and Michael that he used to be in a demolition unit in the army, and that the detonator can be set off remotely. The bomb itself is quite a maze of wires, any one of which could trigger the bomb if cut.

At the greenhouse, Locke explains that he’s there looking for a way to the Dharma station, which is below the greenhouse. Locke asks to talk to Jack alone, but Jack doesn’t want to talk to him. He just wants to go back to the beach. Hurley tells him that it’s probably not the best idea, because “those Rambo dudes” are taking Ben back to the helicopter after Ben surrendered to them. Jack asks Locke why Ben would do that, but Locke doesn’t answer.

Ben, Keamy and the rest of the mercenaries go through the jungle. Keamy starts to ask Ben questions, and wonders why Widmore would pay him so much money just to capture Ben. Ben stops to ask Keamy if Widmore told him to kill Alex. At that point, they’re back at the helicopter and when Keamy realizes Frank is trying to get his handcuffs off, he asks who gave Frank the toolbox.

Suddenly, Kate comes running out of the jungle. She says she’s being chased by Ben’s people. Keamy sends a couple of his guys out to look for who’s chasing them, and tells Ben and Kate to get on their knees. All the mercenaries have their guns drawn. We hear some whispering noises, and one of the mercenaries is attacked by one of The Others, silently. Another mercenary is attacked, and then shootings starts all over. One by one the mercenaries start getting taken out. Kate tells Ben to stay close, and they run into the jungle. Keamy starts to aim his gun at them when a grenade lands at his feet. He kicks it away, right to another mercenary – who ends up getting blown up. Keamy goes after Ben and Kate.

Ben and Kate run through the jungle until Ben falls. Keamy starts to catch up when Sayid comes out of no where and tackles him. They fight, hitting each other with anything they can find. Just as it looks as through Sayid is going to get killed, Alpert shoots Keamy in the back, knocking him off of Sayid. Ben, Kate and The Others come back. Ben says, “Thank you for coming, Richard”. Kate cuts Ben free of his bonds. Ben asks Richard what the “arrangement” is. Richard says that they want off the island. Ben agrees. Kate’s a bit surprised by this, and asks Ben if “that’s it”. Ben says, “That’s it”.

In a flash forward, a woman visits Hurley in the mental hospital. She’s Walt’s grandmother. She makes Hurley promise that he won’t do anything crazy. Walt expresses some disappointment that no one came to visit him, but Jeremy Bentham did. Walt asks why everyone is lying. Hurley says that they’re lying to protect everyone that’s left on the island.

In the jungle, Hurley offers Sawyer a cracker and thanks him for coming back. Hurley asks about Claire and Aaron, but Sawyer just looks away.

At the greenhouse, Locke asks Jack to stay on the island. Jack doesn’t like this at all. Locke tells him that he’s there for a reason, and that if he leaves “that knowledge is going to eat you from the inside out, until you come back”. Jack turns to leave, and Locke blurts out that “you’re going to have to lie”. He says that Jack and everyone else will need to lie about everything to protect the island. Jack says, “It’s just an island!” Locke tells him that it’s not just an island, it’s a place where miracles happen, and if he doesn’t believe it now, he will when he sees what happens. Jack’s only response is “there’s no such thing as miracles”.

Ben arrives and tells Jack that he needs to make it to the boat. Locke makes another plea to Jack to lie about the island. Ben says goodby, and takes Locke down into The Orchid via the elevator.

Michael talks with Sun back on the boat, asking about a canister of nitrogen he’s got. She tells him she’s pregnant as he heads down to the detonator to freeze its battery to prevent the bomb from detonating.

Daniel makes it back to the beach with the rubber raft and talks to Miles and Charlotte, telling them that they have to be on the next raft in order to get off the island. Miles says that he won’t be leaving the island. After Daniel leaves, Miles tells Charlotte that he thinks it’s weird that she wants to leave. Charlotte asks what he means, and he tells her after all the time she’s spent trying to “get back here”. She asks what he means, and he says, “What do I mean?”, and walks off.

Back at greenhouse, it’s a very long ride down to The Orchid, but the elevator finally stops. Locke asks if “this is the magic box”? Ben looks irritated, and says that it’s not. Locke asks what all of the equipment is for, and Ben tells him it’s for Dharma’s “silly experiments” and gives him a video to watch while Ben is working on something else. Ben opens the doors to a small vault.

Locke watches the video, which is an orientation film for Station 6. Edgar Halifax, the narrator explains that the station is where they conduct experiments in space and time, due to properties of the island which create a Casimir effect. Dharma built a vault next to a pocket of negatively charged exotic matter. (While Locke watches the tape, Ben is putting just about anything metal he can find inside the vault chamber). On the tape, Halifax warns never to leave any inorganic matter inside the chamber, and to never leave anything metallic in the chamber because the energy of the island can be very volatile. Halifax puts the rabbit in the chamber and the door closes. Halifax explains that they’re about to shift the rabbit in time. Locke tries to rewind the tape, but it jams, so he asks Ben “Does he mean what I think he means?” Ben’s reply, “You mean time-traveling bunnies? Then, yes”. Locke asks Ben if he realizes that there shouldn’t be any metal in the chamber, and Ben nods. At this point, the elevator doors at the other end of the room close, and Ben asks for his gun back.

Hurley, Jack and Sawyer make it back to the helicopter, finding Sayid and Kate with Frank. Sawyer helps Frank get the handcuffs off. They pile into the helicopter. Hurley asks Jack if they can come back for Claire after they drop everyone off. Jack says, “Absolutely”. They take off for the boat.

At the station, the new visitor turns out to be Keamy, who announces to the empty room that he better aim for the head, not in the back the way Alpert did, since he was wearing body armor. He takes off his jacket and reveals the heart rate monitor connected to the transmitter connected to the detonator on the boat. Keamy yells that if he dies, a lot of people on the boat are going to die too. Keamy asks if Ben wants to hear about how is daughter “bled out” when he killed her. Keamy hears a noise, and turns to see Locke. Locke tries to talk him out of doing anything, and in the middle of all of it, Ben comes out of hiding to tackle Keamy and stab him repeatedly in the neck, yelling that Keamy killed his daughter. Locke says, “You just killed everyone on that boat.” Ben’s only response: “So?”

At the beach, Charlotte tells Daniel she’s going to stay on the island. He asks why, and she says, “Would it make any sense if I was still looking for where I was born?”. Daniel, tells her “No”. She kisses him and says goodbye. Daniel walks to Juliet and she says she’s not going to come with because she promised she wouldn’t leave until everyone was off the island.

Desmond, Jin and Michael try to disable the bomb, but it’s too complicated to defuse.

The helicopter ride is going OK until Frank realizes they’re losing fuel. Sayid sees a fuel leak. Frank tells everyone to dump every ounce of extra weight off the chopper, so they start dumping everything that isn’t nailed down. It’s still not enough. Frank says he’d feel better if they were a couple hundred pounds lighter, but they can still ditch at the beach. Jack tells him not to go back. Sawyer whispers something to Kate, gives her a big kiss, says “Just do it, Freckles” and then jumps from the helicopter into the water. We see that he’s OK, and he starts swimming for shore.

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