Lost Season 4 Finale Synopsis – Hour 3

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There’s No Place Like Home – Hour 3

The scene is outside in a parking lot. A man rolls down the window is shot. The person that shot him is Sayid. He goes inside a mental hospital. Hurley is in one of the rooms playing chess. Sayid wants Hurley to come with him. Hurley asks why he should do that. Sayid tells him that circumstances have changed: Bentham is dead. Hurley is surprised by this. When he asks how, Sayid tells him that they say it was suicide, but Hurley seems suspicious of that. He asks Sayid why they’re calling him “Bentham” when his name is… Sayid cuts him off, telling him that they are being watched. Hurley tells him that he’s been having regular conversations with dead people, and that that LAST thing he needs is paranoia. Sayid tells Hurley that he just killed someone that has been watching the hospital for the last week, and that he finds paranoia has been keeping him alive. Hurley asks if they’re going to be going back, and Sayid tells him “No, just some place safe”. They start to leave, but Hurley turns to make one last move on the board, and says “Checkmate, Mr. Eko”.

On the helicopter, they’re having a problem finding the boat. Hurley finally spots it, and they head for it.

In The Orchid station, Locke tries desperately to keep Keamy alive to prevent the heart monitor from detonating the bomb on the boat. Keamy tells Ben that wherever Ben goes, Widmore will find him. Ben responds, “Not if I find him first.” Keamy dies, and the heart monitor turns off.

Back on the boat, the red light turns on and Ben tells them to leave because they might have 5 minutes left in the tank. Desmond takes off, but Jin remains behind to help Michael. Desmond runs upstairs and tries to wave off the helicopter, but it lands anyway. Desmond quickly explains about the bomb, while they patch the hole in the fuel line and put in more fuel. Sun starts to go back for Jin, but Kate stops her and says she’ll go get Jin.

At the bomb, Michael is running out of nitrogen in the tank and tells Jin it’s time for him to leave, since he’s a father now. Jin takes off.

The helicopter starts back up again. Jack stops Kate from going down, and gets her back on the helicopter. It starts to take off. Jin bursts through the doors and waves at the helicopter. Sun begs them to turn around for Jin.

Down below, the nitrogen finally runs out. Michael starts to hear whispering noises, looks around and suddenly sees Christian standing in front of him. Christian says, “You can go now, Michael”. Michael says, “Who are you?” The bomb goes off and Sun sees it and screams.

The boat sinks, and Sun begs for them to go back. Frank says there’s not enough fuel. Jack tells her that Jin’s gone, and Sun continues to scream.

Flash forward to London, where Sun is walking in the street when she receives a phone call. She speaks briefly to her young daughter, and tells her mother that she’ll be home soon. She can see Widmore exit a restaurant. She approaches him and introduces herself. Widmore tells her that he believes he owes Mr. Paik (Sun’s dad) dinner after their last game of golf. Sun asks Widmore if he’s going to keep pretending that he doesn’t know who she is, or that that he doesn’t know where they’ve been, or why they’ve been lying. She reaches into her pocket to give him a business card, telling him that they have common interests, and when he’s ready to discuss it to call her. She leaves by saying “As you know, we’re not the only ones that left the island.” He calls after her asking, “Why would you want to help me?” She looks at him, says nothing and leaves.

Down in The Orchid, Locke confronts Ben about why he killed Keamy and let the boat blow up. Ben says he made a bad decision when he was too emotional. He closes the doors to the vault where he had been stacking metal objects and flips a switch. The chamber blows up.

On the beach, Sawyer comes ashore to find Juliet drinking a bottle of rum. He asks if she’s celebrating, and she says she’s not. He turns to look out over the ocean, to see the boat has sunk.

Back at The Orchid, Ben puts on a parka, and tells him that Locke isn’t going with him. Locke protests, and Ben tells him that Jacob wants him (Ben) to suffer the consequences. Locke asks what that means, and Ben tells him that whoever moves the island can never come back. He says that “Richard and my people” will be waiting for Locke to “share what they know, and they will follow your every word.” Ben apologizes saying, “Sorry I made your life so miserable”. Locke asks, “What do I tell them to do”. Ben says, “You’ll find your way, John. You always do”.

Locke goes out into the jungle, finds the camp. Richard Alpert greets him, saying “Hello, John. Welcome home.”

Ben pulls out the metal from the vault, revealing a hole behind the chamber. He goes into the hole through a tunnel to a ladder. He punches through ice at the bottom and continues down. He falls and hurts his arm. He’s in a frozen room with a wheel. He looks up and says, “I hope you’re happy now, Jacob”. He moves the wheel after struggling with it. As he does this a loud noise is heard all over the island, and even to the helicopter. Ben continues to struggle with the wheel and pushes it. He looks very upset. A light emminates from the slot where the wheel is, and engulfs everything in the room The light emits all over the island, and from the helicopter it looks like the whole island is engulfed, suddenly the sound stops, the light fades, and all we can see is a wave where the island used to be, as if a rock had been dropped in the middle. Frank yells, asking where the island went and has no idea where to land. They run out of fuel and Frank tells everyone to prepare for a crash landing. Sayid throws out a life rafter before they hit the water.

Somehow everyone survives the crash and makes it into the life raft. Desmond has a close call, but they revive him.

The scene shifts to night time. Kate turns on a light in her room. The phone rings. She picks it up and hears strange noises on the other end. She hears a door in another part of the house open, and jumps up to get a gun. She runs into Aaron’s room, yelling “Don’t move! Don’t you touch my son!” The person in the room turns, and we see that it’s Claire! Kate’s a bit freaked out to see her. She stand up and tells catch, “Don’t bring him back, Kate. Don’t you dare bring him back!” Suddenly, Kate wakes up. It was a dream.

Kate walks into Aaron’s room, holds his hand while he sleeps. She cries while telling him that she’s sorry.

Back on the life raft, it’s time. Hurley says, “I can’t believe he did it…. He moved the island.” Jack says, “No, he didn’t.” Hurley looks at him and says, “Oh really? Because one minute it was there, and the next it was gone. So, unless we overlooked it, dude, that’s exactly what he did. If you have another explanation, I’d love to hear it”.

Frank looks up and sees a light on the water. They start screaming, and the boat starts ending for them. Suddenly, Jack tells everyone they have to lie. They have to lie about what happened to protect everyone they left behind, and to protect themselves. If they were to say that the plane crash that was found was fake, they’d all be in jeopardy. Kate doesn’t think they can do it, and Jack says he’ll do the talking.

The boat (“The Searcher”) finds them. As they’re trying to get on-board, we see Penny appear and Desmond climbs out of the life raft to meet her on deck. They kiss and he wants to know how he found her. She says she found it because her tracking station tracked the phone call. He promises not to leave her.

Desmond introduces everyone to Penny. Jack tells her, “We need to talk”.

A week later –

They’ve travelled 3000 miles to an area where they’re going to launch the raft. Hurley asks Sayid why they’re doing this. Sayid replies to keep the people they left behind safe. Frank helps to get the raft on the water. He figures it’ll be eight or nine hours before they reach land. He and Jack say their goodbyes. Desmond does the same, and Jack tells him not let “them” find him. The Ocean 6 get on the raft.

Sometime later, they make it to Membata. They all look happy to be rescued.

The scene switches to Jack pulling up in front of the Hoffs /Drawlar funeral home. He tries to get in, but the door is locked. He grabs a rock and busts open the door. He goes to the room with the casket with Jermey Bentham’s body. He opens the casket and looks down. He’s startled by a voice saying “Hello, Jack”. It’s Ben. He apologizes and asks, “Did he tell you I was off the island?” Jack responds, “Yes, he did”. Ben asks, “When did you speak to him?” Jack says, “About a month ago”. Ben asks, “And Kate?” Jack says, “Yeah… yeah, he came to see her too.” Ben asks, “And what did he say to you?” Jack says, “He told me, that after I left the island, some very bad things happened and he told me that it was my fault for leaving and he said that I had to come back.” Ben says, “Yes, I’ve heard that you’ve been flying on passenger planes. Hoping that you’d crash. It’s dark, Jack. Very dark.” Jack says, “Why are you here?” Ben says, “I’m here to tell you that you that the island won’t let you come alone. All of you have to go back”. Jack says, “Are you… Sayid… I don’t even know where Sayid is. Hurley… is insane. Sun blames me for… And Kate… She won’t even talk to me anymore.” Ben says, “Perhaps I can help you with that. This is the way it has to be, Jack. It’s the only way. You have to do it together. All of you.” Jack asks, “How?” Ben says, “I have a few ideas.” Jack turns to leave and Ben stops him saying, “Jack, I said all of you. We’re going to have to bring him too.” The camera pans to the coffin, and we see who Jeremy Bentham really is. It’s John Locke.

2 thoughts on “Lost Season 4 Finale Synopsis – Hour 3”

  1. I am a little bit confused how John Locke got off the island and why or how his name is now Jeremy Bentham. I have really enjoyed Lost but am a little lost myself on some of the details. In what episode do we first hear the name Bentham?

  2. The name was first used in the two-hour finale of the season, and was an alias Locke was using.

    I think he was using an alias for the same reason that Ben used aliases (remember those passports that Sayid found in the hidden room?) – to keep his identity hidden because people want to find him.

    How he gets off the island – no idea. Presumably it’s the same way The Others (like Richard Alpert and Ethan) get on and off the island.

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