Battlestar Galactica – A Sixth Cylon?

Spoilers ahead…

I’ve already admitted I’m pretty new to BSG, but I have to ask….

Anyone else think that Kara might be a Sixth Cylon?

OK, follow me on this.

The “final five” were somehow able to get back to the original twelve colonies. I think it’s highly unlikely they somehow either got off-world or downloaded to new bodies with no help whatsoever. Maybe they downloaded to an orbiting ship (or a land-based facility), and then just all took off by themselves, but I doubt it.

I think they were sent, by Cylons we have yet to see, with the specific purpose of getting the rest of the “12 tribes” back to the 13th tribe.

I think these Cylons detected Kara heading to Earth and were able to “save” her by downloading her mind before she ended up crash landing on the surface.

They uploaded her mind into a new Cylon body, threw her into a duplicate ship, and sent her back with the same mission as the “final five”. Get the 12 tribes back to Earth.

We might go through a story about Starbuck’s identity crisis – She’ll probably end up nearly offing herself, until someone (Tigh?) stops her. That’ll be a good way to throw people off track.

Anyway, any other guesses about how to explain Starbuck and that ship?