Season 7 – 24 – 1 am to 2 am

Previously on “24”: We learned that if Jack doesn’t get to shoot something for a while, he starts to get the shakes and blames it on “toxic gas exposure”; Speaking of “Toxic Gas”, Janis yet again proved she’s no Chloe; Ken and Olivia vied for the Sleazy Weasel of the Year award; Jonas must have terrible depth perception because he wanted to show Douglas a large glass bottle up close, but ended up hitting him over the head with it; Mrs. President stopped an air strike, which would have put the whole show out of it’s misery.

1:00 am – Tony’s still sneaking around, watching a truck at the compound. Jack gives Tony the bad news, no air strike, and no quick end to this season. Tony notices that they’re pumping “RP-7” into the depot. Renee thinks that with a little help with C3PO they could use his protocol droid abilities to talk to the surface to air missiles and save the day. Tony tells her that she wouldn’t know a Jawa from an Ewok, and besides, “RP-7” is rocket fuel. Jack suggests they use the C4 that Tony just happens to have in his pocket. He wants Tony to blow up the truck using a remote detonator, which is a much better detonator than the “up close” detonator, but Jack has to make a call to Mrs. President first.

1:02 am – Agent Tim comes in to tell Mrs. President that the Joint Chiefs have been smoking quite a bit of what they’re in charge of, and are wondering why she didn’t bomb Starkwood into next week. Mrs. President tells him it’s because she invited Jonas Hodges to the White House, and doesn’t really want to answer any of his other questions because she forgot those lines in the so-called “script-thingie” for the show.

A receptionist calls to let Mrs. President know that Jack and Renee are on the phone. Mrs. President is hoping that they’re calling from “Who Wants To Save The World”, and that she’s one of their lifelines. She really doesn’t want to hear what Jack says. Jack interrupts, and lets her know that HE knows all about the surface to air rockets. She relents and tells Jack all about the rockets, and Hodges. She thinks she can talk Hodges out of it! Jack wants to act quickly, but all this “talking” is slowing things down! Jack wants Mrs. President to trust him… she tells Jack that she expects Jack will do what he thinks is right!
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