Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale Theories


First, one of my predictions that was made “pre-season” came true last week, unfortunately. With that out of the way, let’s try to make some guesses at what might happen in the Season 7 finale.

First off, what the heck is up with Bran? If he can see everything that’s going to happen, shouldn’t he be telling someone by now? Side note: I have a wild theory that Bran is really Bran the Builder, having somehow transported himself back in time. He might even end up being the Three-Eyed Raven bound up in that tree…. You know, young Bran meeting the old version of himself? I’m having a really hard time coming up with any kind of story thread that would make that satisfying at all, because that would mean the whole show is a giant time loop, and that wouldn’t be fun at all. Probably make a lot of people really upset too….

And remember how Hodor reacted to Bran getting inside his head, and made Wylis convulse and become Hodor? What if Bran does more of this “traveling” and is the reason the Mad King went mad in the first place?

And what about that grab that the Night King made for Bran? It allowed the Night King to waltz on by the enchantments and kill the Three-Eyed Raven. Wouldn’t that mean the Night King could just walk through any enchantments The Wall has? …Although, it appears now that everything is getting colder, he could just walk around the wall on the ice out on the water. Or maybe fly that dragon over it.

Anyway, back to the finale.

There are a few hints about what we’ll see in the previews. Grey Worm and a cast of thousands of Dothraki getting ready for battle, people looking worried on a ship, a meeting of the houses in what I presume is going to be some kind of parlay, probably to show off the wight they took with them.

Cersei is so mad right now that even seeing a wight probably wouldn’t convince her. In fact, since Qyburn seems to be quite adept and keeping things alive (“The Mountain”), he might even try and convince Cersei the wight is a complete hoax. If that happens, about the only thing that could convince Cersei that the Night King threat is real is for that new dragon pet of his to come over and lay waste to everything. Might even kill Cersei, but I think it’s more likely Jaime will end up doing it because Cersei is getting a bit too dangerous. Especially with that warning she gave Jaime “Never betray me again”.

Speaking of Cersei, did anyone else think that Sansa sending Brienne off the King’s Landing was a monumentally stupid idea? I mean, there’s no good at could come of that, because I’m pretty sure that by the time Brienne gets there, Jaime won’t be there to be on her side. What would Cersei do? Well, she’d send Sir Gregor after her right there on the spot. There would be a short battle and then no more Brienne. I mean, she’d put up a good fight, but in the end she’d lose. Now, if that does happen, (and I hope it won’t… I like Brienne), Jaime and Tormund would be mad. (Yes, I know..understatement of the year). Brienne might not think much of Tormund, but he’s going to go berserk if Cersei ends up killing her.

Yikes… what will the landscape look like if Cersei considers this whole “parlay” thing a betrayal and kills Jaime and Brienne?

Well, whatever happens, I don’t think all the people entering that parlay will be coming back out. It’s just a question of who’s going to die. Hope it’s not Varys, Brienne or Jaime…

That whole Sansa/Arya interaction was pretty weird. I’ve come to the conclusion that Arya just wanted to show Sansa she’s not the same little Arya as before. I think Arya’s going to go after Little Finger, and will end up killing him.

Sam and Gilly are on the road. Bet Gilly still has that book with her, the one that listed the annulment. That’ll probably be the way that Daenerys and John find out they’re related. Not sure how Sam’s going to take the news that Daenerys had his father and brother burned. He’d probably be more upset about his brother than his father.

The whole Theon thing… That’s really up in the air. He’ll have to do something pretty big to get back in people’s good graces. About the only thing he can do at this point is sacrifice himself to save someone.

Could we finally see a Clegane match up? I hope we do, and I hope The Hound takes out the Mountain in a big, big way.

Of course, this is all wild speculation. Can’t wait to see what happens!

Season 7 – 6 am to 8 am – Season Finale

Previously on 24, we found out that: Wearing a really bad wig makes it easier for people to remember you; Olivia can show a second emotion: completely freaked out; Janice proved that if you stab enough keys on a keyboard, you might do something useful; Kim really needs to learn to pick better people to talk to at the airport.

6 am – Olivia takes a phone call on the quickest “How Soon After The Beginning Of The Show Can We Do A Product Placement” ever. Seems that unlike in the real world, the deputy attorney general wants to debrief Olivia, which puts him at the end of a long line.

Her mother, Mrs. President, wants her in another briefing, and goes into detail on what happened during the last show. Things are happening pretty fast, but they appear to have had enough time to do a pretty amazing multimedia presentation behind her. She tells everyone in the room that Tony is the key to finding out about everything.

6:02 am – Jack continues to get information through his earpiece, and is told he’s going to need to take over the van. They’re pretty much watching Jack’s every move, which would be great idea for a plot, if it hadn’t already been done in the movie “Eagle Eye”.

6:05 am – At the airport, a lady and her son want to sit down, so Bob, the “I’m just going to the bathroom to kill someone” guy, has to move the spy camera briefcase he’s had open this whole time. It’s been taking pictures of Kim, and uploading them to YouTube. When he moves the briefcase, Kim notices that Bob’s got blood on his neck. He just blames the vampires he met in Sunnyvale, and goes to find something to clean it up with.

6:07 am – Evil woman finally has taken off her wig, and pulls over to take a phone call from Bob. Bob’s worried about the body he left behind in the restroom, and that he’s not going to be able to stuff it in his overhead bin without putting it into a plastic baggie first. Evil woman tells Bob that it won’t take long for Jack to deliver Tony.

6:08 am – In the FBI van, Jack asks for Renee’s iPhone, disables the “Your Friends At the FBI” app, and pulls a gun on Renee. To prove that he’s serious he FINALLY shoots someone in the thigh. Janice gets hysterical, and thinks that repeating Jack’s name over and over will somehow help.

Renee wants to know why Jack is doing this. He says it’d be pretty boring for the next two hours if all he did was take Tony prisoner, and besides, they have his daughter. Tony doesn’t want Jack to reveal any more plot points, and tells him to shut up as Janice and Chloe frantically try to help find where the van is headed.
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Season 7 – 24 – 1 am to 2 am

Previously on “24”: We learned that if Jack doesn’t get to shoot something for a while, he starts to get the shakes and blames it on “toxic gas exposure”; Speaking of “Toxic Gas”, Janis yet again proved she’s no Chloe; Ken and Olivia vied for the Sleazy Weasel of the Year award; Jonas must have terrible depth perception because he wanted to show Douglas a large glass bottle up close, but ended up hitting him over the head with it; Mrs. President stopped an air strike, which would have put the whole show out of it’s misery.

1:00 am – Tony’s still sneaking around, watching a truck at the compound. Jack gives Tony the bad news, no air strike, and no quick end to this season. Tony notices that they’re pumping “RP-7” into the depot. Renee thinks that with a little help with C3PO they could use his protocol droid abilities to talk to the surface to air missiles and save the day. Tony tells her that she wouldn’t know a Jawa from an Ewok, and besides, “RP-7” is rocket fuel. Jack suggests they use the C4 that Tony just happens to have in his pocket. He wants Tony to blow up the truck using a remote detonator, which is a much better detonator than the “up close” detonator, but Jack has to make a call to Mrs. President first.

1:02 am – Agent Tim comes in to tell Mrs. President that the Joint Chiefs have been smoking quite a bit of what they’re in charge of, and are wondering why she didn’t bomb Starkwood into next week. Mrs. President tells him it’s because she invited Jonas Hodges to the White House, and doesn’t really want to answer any of his other questions because she forgot those lines in the so-called “script-thingie” for the show.

A receptionist calls to let Mrs. President know that Jack and Renee are on the phone. Mrs. President is hoping that they’re calling from “Who Wants To Save The World”, and that she’s one of their lifelines. She really doesn’t want to hear what Jack says. Jack interrupts, and lets her know that HE knows all about the surface to air rockets. She relents and tells Jack all about the rockets, and Hodges. She thinks she can talk Hodges out of it! Jack wants to act quickly, but all this “talking” is slowing things down! Jack wants Mrs. President to trust him… she tells Jack that she expects Jack will do what he thinks is right!
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Season 7 – 24 – 2 pm to 3 pm Summary

Previously on 24, we learned: While Jack has special powers to get through traffic at the blink of an eye, others (like Samantha) take 45 minutes to cross the street; Chloe is a stay-at-home dentist; The longer a psycho killer takes to kill someone, the greater the chances their victim will kick their butt; If you’re low on special effects cash, a bottle rocker explosion can be substituted as a mid-air plane crash; After spending the last hour on the bridge of what looked like a Klingon Bird of Prey, “Ike” Dubaku’s Klingon isn’t as good as he thinks it is because incorrectly translated “Kaplah” as “Begin” at the end of last hour.

The following takes place between 2pm and 3pm

2 pm – At the FBI, Shaun is trying to figure out how to track a BIG YELLOW VAN, and is having problems. Janis tries to impress Larry by showing him code fragments, which are probably “Hello, World”. Janis asks Shaun to open a “fresh socket”. She says, “Fresh Socket! Not Fresca!”

2:01 – At the White House, things are tense because Ethan has a cell phone pressed to his ear, which is never a good sign. He’s trying to call Agent Gedge, but Gedge is busying being dead. Henry doesn’t answer the phone because he’s too busy being paralyzed.

Larry calls Ethan, and starts to complain about not finding Dubaku. Larry says he knows what’s at stake, and its not rib-eyes, it’s real people. He says that some of those people are impersonating dead parrots. Ethan apologizes.

2:03 – Bill, Chloe, Tony, Renee and Jack all go for a ride in Bill’s huge computer van, which has so many computers in it, it could double as a Geek Squad truck, except with bullets. They easily track the Prime Minster’s tooth and his wife.

2:05 – Hey! Dubaku turned on a light, so you can actually see him a bit better in his evil lair. Nichols arrives with Matobo. Dubaku tells him that to celebrate, they’re going to use the completely amazing SHAM-CIP-WOW device to make a chemical plant’s safety valves to fail. (Is there ANYTHING that CIP device can’t do? First planes, and now this! Amazing! Order now, and you’ll get TWO for the same price….. Oh…ahem…sorry, got carried away…)

Turns out that the reason Dubaku is so mad at the Prime Minister is that they didn’t shake hands at dinner once. The Prime Minister says that’s because Dubaku had a huge wad of tartar sauce on his fingers, and that he didn’t want to be part of a puppet government – He’s seen “The Muppet Movie”, and from what he can tell of where they put their hands, it looked MIGHTY uncomfortable. Matobo calls Dubaku a traitor. Dubaku tells him that he wants the name of his fellow traitors in Sangala, and Matobo tells him he stopped doing the stock market years ago.

Nichols asks whether they’ve heard from the President yet, and are surprised they haven’t. Dubaku thinks that if he can get enough people lying in the streets, it’ll make the president listen, what with all the traffic problems it’ll cause. (Not that it would cause any problems for Jack.)

2:08 pm – Bill’s van stops, and Jack starts climbing a ladder while Renee enters the front door. (Jack doesn’t like front doors). Bill and Tony follow. Renee sweet talks her way past the guards by showing her official Ovaltine badge.

She head to the third floor at Chloe’s direction, and up a stair case, where she let’s Jack, Bill and Tony in. They walk around pointing their guns at the carpet, just in case it does anything dangerous. Chloe leads them to an ex-computer room, and to a couple of panels in the floor, where they climb in. Chloe’s got GREAT software in her laptop.

2:10 – The Matobo’s are lead into a room, and are completely confident that Jack will help them…. Which is true, because he’s Jack. Meanwhile Chloe gives Jack very complicated instructions on how to re-do most of the duct work in the building to get to the bad guys, the Matobo’s, and obtain his contracting license, all simultaneously.

2:11 – Back at the FBI, Janis is still trying to do her Chloe impression. Shaun tells her that they’ve been combing the firewall for a breach. They haven’t found anything, but the hair on the firewall looks GREAT. Janis uses Google Earth to figure out that the words “Kidron, Ohio” on the screen must mean “Kidron, Ohio”, and realizes that the big insecticide plant on the outskirts of town is a likely target. Dubaku either wants to rid Sangala of those HUGE mosquitoes, or they’re about to release something toxic into the greater Kidron area.

2:12 – Janis calls John Brunner at the insecticide plant and tells him that there might be some bad things happening. Brunner is pretty surprised to get a call from the FBI, and even more surprised to realize that his plant is about to release toxic gas into the atmosphere. Stuff like this just doesn’t happen in Kidron every day, and something like this probably going to make it into the local papers.


2:19 – Larry calls Ethan, Agent Tim talks to Ethan, and they all know about the chemical plant. They wonder why Henry or Gedge haven’t called back yet, not realizing that Henry is as stiff as a board, and Gedge is as dead as a doornail (and is quickly becoming as stiff as a board as well).

The President works on a speech, arguing over the word “outrage”, and whether they should just use the words “super dooper mad” instead.

Ethan and Tim come into the room to let the President know that they each know how to pronounce methyl isocyanate, and do so several times. They’re pretty upset that Kidron might lose half of the voters that voted for her for President if that gas cloud is really released.

2:21 – Chloe is still giving Jack his contractor correspondence course while he looks for Matobo and Dubaku. Just to put a little more pressure on Jack, she lets him know about the attack on the plant in Kidron in 12 minutes. He reminds her that even with they way they know how to drive, they would be in Kidron about 3 minutes late to stop it, so they’ll have to try and stop it from here.

Jack points his camera into Dubaku’s room, using the night vision capabilities of the device. This is unsurprising since Dubaku finally just gave up looking for a light switch. Chloe seems very impressed with the Evil Computer Dubaku is using.

2:23 – Shaun at the FBI tries to explain how they really should have upgraded ipchains in the firewall before this all happened, but Larry doesn’t want to hear it. Meanwhile, Janis is on the phone with Brunner asking him if he’s tried “flashing his drives”, which isn’t what it sounds like. She also asks him to reboot, because that’s always the first thing any computer support person wants you to do. Janis picks this time to tell him not to call her “honey”.

Brunner is about to release the gas into the room that he’s in, because he wants to reenact the scene from several seasons ago when The Hobbit died from poison gas. Janis has all the instructions to help him do this, which is likely because he called her “honey” earlier.

2:25 – Back at Bad Guy Central, Nichols decides they need a LOT better internet connection, because the web cams on top of the building are showing video of Jack and company on the roof…. From 20 minutes ago! Dabaku smacks him in the back of the head and reminds him that they shouldn’t have gone with dial-up. Dubaku is pretty freaked out about it, so he decides they better get out of there, and he unplugs the CIP device.

2:26 – Shaun realizes at this point that the firewall is back to normal. Janis is going to have to try and explain this to Brunner, which might be tough because he’s probably as dead as Gedge, only more toxically.

2:27 – Jack gets tired of waiting, and tells Tony and Bill to start going. Bill and Tony kill some guys (don’t worry, they were all bad). Dubaku must have bought the explosive computers, because of a few of them demonstrate that capability. There’s a LOT of shooting. The CIP device is destroyed, Dubako is missing, and the security guard downstairs is probably rethinking that whole idea of letting Renee go upstairs right about now.


2:32 – Hey! Brunner is still alive at the plant! It just took Janis about five extra minutes to tell him to get out of there… she must have had to go out to the bathroom or something. Boy is she going to be embarrassed trying to explain that to him later.

2:33 – Renee’s leading the Matobo’s out of the building and into Bill’s van, where Chloe has been busy re-writing the FBI firewall software just in case anyone ever asks her for it. She’s also looking for Dubaku.

Dubaku finds Latham (the CIP engineer) hiding in a corner, hoping his part in the story was already over. Dubaku threatens to kill Latham’s wife and daughter unless Latham spontaneously explodes when Jack enters the room. Latham explodes, but Jack is safe. Dubaku leaves the building.

2:35 – Larry and Shaun at the FBI are just baffled about why Dubaku suddenly stopped the attack on the plant in Kidron. The best they can come up with is that Dubaku thinks that Kidron might be a fictional city, wasn’t sure, and stopped just in case. Larry tells Shaun that he has to work with Renee and the NSA to find Dubaku.

Shaun goes to tell Janis about their fun new assignment. Janis informs him that everything at the plant is fine, except for Brunner who isn’t so much fine as dead. She wants to talk to Brunner’s family for some reason. Most likely because she feels like a moron for not trying to stop John from saving the plant when all she had to do was read a few pages further into the script. Shaun has to remind her that they’re still on the whole “trying to keep thousands of people safe” mission, and that there will be more than enough time later to show how badly she feels. Janis is really upset. You can tell because she has a wrinkle in her forehead.


2:42 – At the White House, Agent Tim briefs the President that somehow, magically, the firewall breach stopped. She really wants to know how this trick was accomplished, because it’ll be a great conversation starter at the next White House dinner party.

Ethan calls Secret Service to find Gedge and tells the president that Henry is still on the “conspiracy” about Roger’s death, and that Henry is missing. The president doesn’t look pleased.

2:46 – Vossler hears the Secret Service dispatcher, and tries to call Gedge. That phone call wakes up Henry, who realizes he can start moving around and acting again, instead of just grunting like a caveman like he did last hour. He goes to leave the apartment, just in time to see Vossler. Vossler chases Henry into Samantha’s apartment. Vossler gets a phone call… Hey! It’s Dubaku! This time, he wants Henry to come over to be a hostage for a while.


2:52 – At Bill’s safe house, Bill starts the effort to find Dubaku, but Jack stops him. Jack says it’ll be a lot more dramatic and exciting if they could get other agencies involved, because that way they’d never really be sure who was a bad guy or not. Much more exciting that way, plus there are so many hours left to go. Chloe agrees. Matobo really wants to go back to the White House again, and Bill finally agrees.

2:54 – At the White House, the news shows the Kidron plant is in a state of disarray, with some people wearing chemical outfits. Others are just going into neighboring towns which must have some kind of anti-insecticide shielding (but really HUGE bugs).

The president receives a phone call from Matobo. Matobo explains that he can only tell her how he escaped in person and it must happen in private – so of course the first thing she does is call Ethan to tell him she just talked to Matobo, and that he should escort him upstairs with as few people seeing him as possible, which can only mean they are going to broadcast it on the WB network.

2:56 – Jack leaves with everyone, but Tony decides to stay to try and get Dubaku. Jack makes him promise to turn himself in after this is all over.

Meanwhile, Vossler puts Henry in his car, in the trunk.

2:58 – Dubaku is back at his apartment when a woman named Maria comes to the door to remind him about dinner that night.

2:59 – Dubaku calls Vossler, and tells him to bring Taylor to his apartment. I seriously doubt he’ll be inviting Henry to that dinner.

3:00 pm – Time’s up!


24 – Season 7 – 12 pm to 1 pm

Previously on 24, we found out that: Chloe, Bill and Tony miss CTU so much that they’re doing CTU pro bono work; Chloe can probably use a toaster to break into a computer system if she really wanted to; Thugs should never tell their boss “It’s either me or him”; If you’re on the bad guys team, they issue you a standard set of dark clothes; Jack’s golf game has a mean slice, even when trying to break through dry wall.

12:00 pm – Agent Larry talks with a SWAT commander who says he’s afraid of exposing his men when they go try and get the Prime Minister. Larry tells them to wear coats, and to watch out for bullets from Tony and Jack’s new BFFs.

Over at the prime minster’s place, Emerson can’t get into the room, so he decides to punch one of the body guards who looks like Yemi from Lost. They don’t appear to know about Yemi’s friendship with a certain Smoke Monster, because they really beat him up.

While this is going on, Jack decides to do a bit of freelance handyman work, and crawls up into the ceiling for a plot device to exploit. Tony and Jack discuss their plans to make sure and get the Prime Minister so they can get to who they REALLY want to (Dubaku), completely unafraid of being overheard by the bad guys who are just eight feet away.

12:04 pm – Agent Larry gets an urgent message from the Attorney General, and calls Agent Renee Walker, who is driving in the completely empty streets of Washington, D.C. Agent Larry is quite upset about Renee using what she learned on America’s Funniest Interrogation Videos, and knows what she did to Tanner The Sniper. They argue about Renee going to the Prime Minster’s house, and she wins by hanging up on Larry.

Shaun is on the phone with his wife having an incredibly creepy conversation during a pretty big FBI operation. Shaun seems to have a lot of extra time on his hands, but successfully fills a few minutes of valuable air-time before the show moves on to a more interesting plot point.

12:06 – Back in the Prime Minster’s safe room, he inserts a few more quarters into the machine to make sure it stays locked for another thirty minutes. He’s pretty worried they’re going to run out of quarters soon.

His wife asks what Jack and Tony want, because she’s running out of different ways to says “Who is it?” to stall them. The Prime Minister says that they want the names of his allies in Sangala. She says that even though it’s a fake country, she knows that he would never expose them. (What’s with everyone exposing themselves tonight?) She realizes that she’s the real person he’s protecting, and she looks worried.

12:07 – It took a while, but Emerson finally figured out how to use the webcam that leads into the safe room. Emerson threatens to shoot the guy who looks like Yemi, if the Prime Minister doesn’t come out soon. Yemi’s not afraid, because he knows he’s got an “in” with the island. Emerson counts down, is about to shoot Yemi when Yemi’s phone gets a call from the FBI! Those guys have the BEST timing.

Turns out it’s Shaun on the phone, but he hangs up after nobody answers. Emerson uses his powers of deduction to realize that since the FBI called, they might know what’s happening at the Prime Minster’s place. He’s still not sure, so he asks Yemi. Yemi doesn’t answer, so Emerson hits him for the umpteenth time.

Tony, Emerson and a Miscellaneous Thug argue about what to do next. Jack walks in and says he has a plan to “flush them out” with “gas”, which disgusts everyone until he explains what he means. Miscellaneous Thug still doesn’t believe the FBI isn’t right around the corner, even after Jack explains the magic of “24” traffic rules to him – The FBI office 21 miles away will take least 15 minutes to get to them (with traffic!). They finally quit arguing after Jack says he can make some gas that he learned about by watching MacGyver. Tony and Jack are pretty sure of themselves, because they discuss their plan AGAIN, thinking that no one is within listening range of them.


12:15 – Back at the Prime Minister’s residence, Jack works on his MacGyver gas in the air ducks. It doesn’t look at all like baking soda, vinegar and dry ice. Emerson gets back on his webcam to let the Prime Minister know about the gas, saying it isn’t laughing gas that’s pouring into the room. The Prime Minister and his wife take a chance and decide to cough and choke a bit while they think about it.

12:16 – Agent Janis is completely shocked to find that someone from the Attorney General’s office wants to talk to her about a letter he received from The Snipe’s lawyers about something that happened less than half an hour ago. Things like this usually take a lot longer than that. She, of course, denies every thing, and Agent Larry grabs her away. She seems completely fine with that.

12:18 – Renee is outside of the Prime Minster’s residence, which is still a completely police officer free zone.

Inside, Miscellaneous Thug wants Jack to “put more gas” in. Jack tells him that would “kill them instantly”. It appears that whatever gas Jack uses moves more quickly the more you make of it, and knowing Jack something like that is completely possible. Since Miscellaneous Thug doesn’t understand chemistry, he leaves.

Meanwhile, the safe room has turned into the unsafe room, what with all the poison gas and all. Mrs. Prime Minister decides to hit the “deal” button, and the door opens. Tony and Jack help them out of the unsafe room, and out of the house.

They move the prisoners to an inconspicuous large yellow ice cream truck while Renee watches. She calls Agent Larry, lets him know what is happening, and is promptly caught by Miscellaneous Thug. Larry tells Janis to get Renee back. Janis nearly leaves, but realizes Larry met to get Renee back on the phone. Larry trips one of the FBI extras in the room, and leaves.

Miscellaneous Thug brings Renee over. She swears at Jack using some naughty words, and they lock her into the yellow ice cream truck. The truck leaves without turning on the bells, which disappoints all the children in the area.

12:22 – Emerson calls Nichols to let him know that Renee knows the FBI knows that nearly everyone knows they want to know what the Prime Minster knows. What they don’t know is what Renee might know about what’s REALLY going on, so they have to check their source at the FBI. Renee takes this opportunity to call Jack a naughty word.


12:28 – Henry’s Secret Service Agent Brian gets off the phone with a friend, who says he’ll help break the encryption on the thumb drive. These guys are obviously computer experts because they were able to determine the drive was encrypted even without having a computer with them to check it. They chit-chat a bit, going over what they’re doing, in case we’ve all forgotten last week’s show when we fell asleep.

Brian’s idea is to meet this “friend” in an apartment in about 20 minutes, which sounds completely safe to Henry. Henry says that he knew Roger was murdered all along, and he can’t wait to go “neener-neener-neener!” to everyone that didn’t believe him. He also wants to find the people that killed Roger and make them pay. Brian wants to tell the President, but Henry says it’ll be more exciting if he waits until later in the show.

12:29 –Ethan comes in to talk to the President, and doesn’t even bother knocking first, which in past administrations was a big “no-no”. It was safe though, because all the President was doing was looking at her script to make sure she got her lines right. The President wants to do a military strike in Sangala, and cites many good reasons to do so, not the least of which is that it is a fictional country.

The Secretary of State comes in and tells everyone about the Prime Minister’s abduction and that Tony and Jack are with them. She just can’t believe it, and paces around to prove that. The President wants to find the Prime Minster, and tells Stevens to bring in “every relevant agency”, forgetting that CTU isn’t around anymore.

12:32 – At the FBI, Shaun walks around and acts generally creepy around Blonde Female Agent… And then we find out why: They’re having an affair.

Janis interrupts just in time to spare us any further creepy talk, and asks Shaun to “babysit her downloads”, which sounds even creepier than what Shaun was just talking about with Blonde Female Agent.

Larry takes a phone call from the head SWAT Guy, who just got done sweeping up at the Prime Minister’s residence. SWAT really is a full service outfit nowadays, if they’re housecleaning too! After SWAT Guy tells Larry about Renee, Larry FINALLY tells Janis that everybody in the office should making finding Renee a top priority. That’s probably good, because so far it seems like it’s just been Larry, Janis, Shawn on the job.

12:34 – The yellow ice cream van drives down the road. Renee decides that it’s a great time to apologize to the Prime Minister, even though she’s never met him before. The Prime Minister thinks this is a little creepy, but tells her not to worry about it.

Emerson gets a phone call from Nichols and nearly takes an ice cream order before realizing who it really is. The news is, Renee found out about the abduction because of The Sniper, and as far as everyone knows, nobody knows anything else. He tells Emerson to kill Renee.

Emerson tells the driver to drive to an abandoned construction site. Jack seems interested in the fact that Washington must have a lot of those, just like LA does.

Tony suggests that they find out what Renee knows. Emerson disagrees. Tony wants to suggest that they really, REALLY try to find out what Renee knows, but creepy music starts playing and the discussion ends.


12:40 – Agent Larry is still really upset that Renee is missing. Shaun is shocked that Larry’s acting this way and is really shocked when Janis tells him that Larry has “feelings” for Renee. Shaun says that bad 1970s songs were banned from the office, when Janis tells him she’s sure Larry and Renee have a relationship. She says she knows this because of her “instinct”. Shaun looks a little worried this “instinct” will reveal not only that he and Blonde Female Agent have an affair going, but also that Janis is about to figure out she’s the only one in the office not seeing someone else at the office.

12:41 – Dubaku gets off a phone call from Juma, who tells him that the President hasn’t moved any troops anywhere. Nichols tells him to look on the bright side, and that an invasion hasn’t started either and that just means more screen time for all the actors who aren’t in that other subplot. Dubaku wants to use the module again, and Nichols convinces him not to do so.

12:42 – Brian and Henry get to the apartment, which is completely secure since they hid the key under the doormat. Brian re-secures the room by putting the key back under the mat after Henry enters.

Henry looks around. He realizes that they’re in Samantha’s apartment, just in time to see Brian putting on some rubber gloves. Henry protests and says that he didn’t mean THAT kind of investigation. Brian explains everything to Henry, and Henry keels over from the muscle poison he slipped into Henry’s drink. Brian promises to make Henry’s death quick.

Brian goes into the next room to pick out some cutlery, and uses his “phone a friend” to tell Agent Vossler to get Samantha and bring her there. Their plan is to frame Henry for the murder, and stage a suicide. Brian explains Henry that he’s REALLY sorry about the whole “killing you” thing.

12:46 – Agent Vossler tells Samantha that she needs to be put into “protective custody”, which should be less creepy than it sounds, but won’t be. She agrees.


12:51 – Shaun and Janis take some time to stall some more by rehashing even more of the “Renee and The Sniper” plot we saw last week.

The guy from the Attorney General’s office goes to talk to Agent Larry and informs him that he knows that Renee is missing. Larry explains the situation, but the guy decides to be a jerk and presses the point that he would just love to have an investigation as soon as he possibly could. Agent Larry stands up to the guy for being a jerk.

Janis calls Larry, using the same ringtone they used to use in CTU. She tells him that Renee was referenced during an NSA intercepted phone conversation, and it wasn’t a telemarketer. She tells Larry to come and listen to the conversation.

While Larry is on his way over, Janis tries to impress Shaun with her elite minesweeper skills, but he isn’t impressed. Larry finally gets there and they play the clip: They’re going to kill Renee.

12:55 – The yellow van stops at the abandoned construction site, and Emerson gives Jack a gun to kill Renee. He and Tony get Renee. Emerson and Miscellaneous Thug watch while she and Jack talk. Jack fake kills her, grazing her neck.

12:59 – Jack covers her with a giant sheet of plastic wrap, and walks back. Emerson tells Jack and Tony to bury her, which Tony and Jack start to do, even though Renee is really still alive.

1:00 pm – TIME’S UP!