Thoughts Before Game of Thrones Finale

I don’t see any way that the show can resolve the Dathraki and the Unsullied other than the following:

Everyone witnessed Daenerys tear apart Kings Landing. It’ll be hard for anyone, except her diehard followers.

Varys sent out notes before he died. I think it’s a good guess he spread the word far and wide about Jon being the rightful heir to the Iron Throne.

All of those groups will gather at Kings Landing, witnessing the aftermath of what happened.

Daenerys still wants the Iron Throne, and now her back is up against the wall. The only way to keep it is to object to Jon being the rightful heir.

I think she plans on killing Jon, and she’s going to try. By dragon fire.

But I think if that happens, Jon will walk away from it unscathed, proving he’s the rightful heir.

We’ll see.

GOT Finale in ten minutes!

Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale Theories


First, one of my predictions that was made “pre-season” came true last week, unfortunately. With that out of the way, let’s try to make some guesses at what might happen in the Season 7 finale.

First off, what the heck is up with Bran? If he can see everything that’s going to happen, shouldn’t he be telling someone by now? Side note: I have a wild theory that Bran is really Bran the Builder, having somehow transported himself back in time. He might even end up being the Three-Eyed Raven bound up in that tree…. You know, young Bran meeting the old version of himself? I’m having a really hard time coming up with any kind of story thread that would make that satisfying at all, because that would mean the whole show is a giant time loop, and that wouldn’t be fun at all. Probably make a lot of people really upset too….

And remember how Hodor reacted to Bran getting inside his head, and made Wylis convulse and become Hodor? What if Bran does more of this “traveling” and is the reason the Mad King went mad in the first place?

And what about that grab that the Night King made for Bran? It allowed the Night King to waltz on by the enchantments and kill the Three-Eyed Raven. Wouldn’t that mean the Night King could just walk through any enchantments The Wall has? …Although, it appears now that everything is getting colder, he could just walk around the wall on the ice out on the water. Or maybe fly that dragon over it.

Anyway, back to the finale.

There are a few hints about what we’ll see in the previews. Grey Worm and a cast of thousands of Dothraki getting ready for battle, people looking worried on a ship, a meeting of the houses in what I presume is going to be some kind of parlay, probably to show off the wight they took with them.

Cersei is so mad right now that even seeing a wight probably wouldn’t convince her. In fact, since Qyburn seems to be quite adept and keeping things alive (“The Mountain”), he might even try and convince Cersei the wight is a complete hoax. If that happens, about the only thing that could convince Cersei that the Night King threat is real is for that new dragon pet of his to come over and lay waste to everything. Might even kill Cersei, but I think it’s more likely Jaime will end up doing it because Cersei is getting a bit too dangerous. Especially with that warning she gave Jaime “Never betray me again”.

Speaking of Cersei, did anyone else think that Sansa sending Brienne off the King’s Landing was a monumentally stupid idea? I mean, there’s no good at could come of that, because I’m pretty sure that by the time Brienne gets there, Jaime won’t be there to be on her side. What would Cersei do? Well, she’d send Sir Gregor after her right there on the spot. There would be a short battle and then no more Brienne. I mean, she’d put up a good fight, but in the end she’d lose. Now, if that does happen, (and I hope it won’t… I like Brienne), Jaime and Tormund would be mad. (Yes, I know..understatement of the year). Brienne might not think much of Tormund, but he’s going to go berserk if Cersei ends up killing her.

Yikes… what will the landscape look like if Cersei considers this whole “parlay” thing a betrayal and kills Jaime and Brienne?

Well, whatever happens, I don’t think all the people entering that parlay will be coming back out. It’s just a question of who’s going to die. Hope it’s not Varys, Brienne or Jaime…

That whole Sansa/Arya interaction was pretty weird. I’ve come to the conclusion that Arya just wanted to show Sansa she’s not the same little Arya as before. I think Arya’s going to go after Little Finger, and will end up killing him.

Sam and Gilly are on the road. Bet Gilly still has that book with her, the one that listed the annulment. That’ll probably be the way that Daenerys and John find out they’re related. Not sure how Sam’s going to take the news that Daenerys had his father and brother burned. He’d probably be more upset about his brother than his father.

The whole Theon thing… That’s really up in the air. He’ll have to do something pretty big to get back in people’s good graces. About the only thing he can do at this point is sacrifice himself to save someone.

Could we finally see a Clegane match up? I hope we do, and I hope The Hound takes out the Mountain in a big, big way.

Of course, this is all wild speculation. Can’t wait to see what happens!

Meaning of Breaking Bad’s Felina

The last show of the Breaking Bad series is called: Felina.

There are several observations I’ve seen made about this title.

1) It’s a song title.

2) It’s an anagram for “Finale”

3) If you take the letters, Fe, Li, Na. That’s Iron, Lithium, and Sodium. That’s an ingredients list. Iron is in blood, Lithium is in meth, and Sodium (salt) is in Tears. Blood, Meth and Tears.

Not sure which of these are which, or even if they were intentional, but man, I hope number 3 was.

Breaking Bad Season 5 Finale – “Gliding Over All”

Spoilers Ahead! Don’t read further, if you haven’t seen the 2012 Season Finale of Breaking Bad, “Gliding Over All”

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these “theory” posts about a show. After watching the season finale of Breaking Bad, “Gliding Over All”, I decided to write what I thought about it, and where I think things might be heading.

First off, how great was that scene where Skyler saw Walt staring at that blue water in the swimming pool, mirroring Walt looking at all that blue meth all the time?


Seems like there is always some kind of huge explosion in the finales. Planes crashing, rooms getting blow up… and now, a figurative “blow up” – Hank seeming to figure out that Walt might be “Heisenberg”. I say seemingly, because while Hank might think that, he can’t come right out and do anything about it, because he still has to prove it.

Now, from watching all the episodes so far, we know that Walter is really, really smart, and has previously set things into motion to make sure that all the parts move the way he wants. Walt set up the kid in last year’s episodes to get poisoned, knowing that he’d keep Jesse completely out of the picture while he dealt with Fring.

Knowing that, I have to think about what Walt was planning, when he said he was “out”. What did Jesse and Mike have to do? Jesse could just walk away (more on this later). Mike had the DEA following him, so he had to make sure that his guys were paid off, and have a “go bag” ready in case he had to leave. A lot more complicated than what Jesse had to do. What about Walt?

Walt has a LOT more to deal with, and really just can’t walk away. He’ll have to deal with the guy who was was distributing for him, and who wouldn’t be too happy if he quit. He’ll have to deal with Lydia and Todd, who both know his identity. There is Todd’s uncle and his “friends” who would go looking for Walt if anything bad happens to Todd. And there’s the crew with the fumigation company. And there’s Saul too.

The Mexican cartel that is probably still very upset about The Cousins being killed, and I’m sure they’d love to get their revenge too. I’d also imagine that the Cech Republic cartel that Lydia has been supplying might want to know what’s up when the supply dries up.

Walt’s a smart guy. He knows he can’t just walk away like that. He has to realize that he has do something to make sure he is safe from all these people, in case one of them turns against him. But what can he do? He can’t really hire more people, because he would want to eliminate witnesses, not create more.

So, who can he get to do that for him? The only group of people I can think of would be the Hank and his people at the DEA.

That’s the reason I suspect that Walt planted that book in the bathroom, knowing there was a possibility of Hank finding it. Walt can’t come right out and ask the DEA for help without having it all blow up in his face (sorry, Gus, I had to say that).

The best thing Walt has going for him right now is that it would be hard for anyone on the outside to believe that Walt is “Heisenberg”, a major criminal mastermind. Even with the book, Hank only has circumstantial evidence. He’d have to put surveillance on Walt. I think if Walt realized this, he would be able to create a lot of situations where the DEA found out about the other operators, but left him with some plausible deniability. There’s really no evidence in Walt’s house about what he’s been up to, other than the small dose of poison that he keeps behind the wall outlet. (And that’s one thing Jesse better never find out about, because he’ll make the link about what happened immediately).

So that’s the real question. Is Walter already one step ahead of Hank, or is he going to do a lot of fancy footwork to get out from what’s arguably the very toughest situation he is about to find himself in? Either way, I think Walt’s best hope of survival is the DEA, so we’ll see.

The final season, season 6, can’t come soon enough.