LOST – Follow The Leader

Spoilers ahead

Ha! What a difference a few hours make. In my previous post, I wrote that I thought the bomb was in the shadow of the statue… well, THAT was proven wrong tonight.

I think we’re still pretty much on target for the rest of the theory though… They’re going to detonate the bomb, and that will result in the guys in the hatch taking anti-radiation vaccine, and wearing yellow jumpsuits for a long, long time.

OK, getting back to tonight’s episode:

Richard said he saw all Jin, Kate, Hurley, Jack and Sawyer die… I’m pretty sure that he THINKS he saw them die, probably a result of the H-Bomb blast, but I think it’s a lot more likely they’ll vanish from that part of the timeline, which will only look like they died in the blast. As to where they end up – I think it’s likely they’ll end up in the distant past. I only say that because of the statue. It’s going to be one of the 815ers. Which one, not sure.

I’m going into pure theory here, but I do that a lot, so here goes:

I think Locke is in for a HUGE surprise when he goes to see Jacob. First off, I think Locke is dead – dead as in Christian Shepard dead. He just doesn’t know he’s dead. His misguided mission to go to try and kill Jacob is going to fail because of this.

Furthermore, I think it’s likely that Jacob is being held in a sort of “in between” state – “in between” meaning, not in this time, but not in his own time either. John is probably not going to like when he finally meets Jacob – either he’ll release Jacob, or Jacob will be the one to tell John he’s dead – maybe both.

There’s probably a good reason Jacob is in that state. In fact, it’s possible he’s in a prison of sorts; that white powder around the cabin (remember that from last season?) might be some sort of ward that keeps Jacob locked up. He might be a reluctant advisor to The Others, and once freed… well, that won’t be good for anyone.

Ben mentioned that Richard Alpert has been around a long time. A looooong time. I’ve seen speculation around that Richard Alpert might be who the Egyptians considered to be the god Ra. (Richard Alpert’s initials = R.A… Ra….) I’m not sure THAT’s true, but I do believe he’s Egyptian.

The questions remain… What is the island? What are The Others doing there on the island? Why is Jacob imprisoned? What does John hope to accomplish by killing Jacob?

I think we’ll get some answers next week, along with a good look at that statue, but the rest is going to be left for the final season.

Next week is a TWO HOUR Season Finale…. I’m looking forward to it!

So, what did you think of tonight’s episode?