LOST Season 5 Finale – The Incident

BIG Spoilers ahead

Wow! What an episode, huh? After years of hearing about Jacob and seeing nothing of him at all, in the finale, he’s all over the place! He met with everyone that was left, except Miles. It appears he was even the one that brought Locke back, after he’s fall from the building.

I’m not going to recap the show, but I will point out some things.

The Statue

First, that statue – That was of Anubis, the Egyptian go who protected the dead and brings them to the afterlife, also considered the gatekeeper and ruler of the underworld.

Jacob and His Nemesis

Jacob was wearing a white shirt, the other person was wearing a black shirt. (The personification of Good and Evil?)

By now, I think it’s clear to everyone that the guy at the beginning who was looking for a “loophole”, was disguised at Locke. Locke was indeed dead, and possibly very much like Christian Shepard – although I must admit it was NOTHING like what what we’ve been lead to believe all this time. Since this entity can shape shift, I think it’s likely that the person Ben saw after being scanned by the smoke monster wasn’t Alex – it was that same entity.

Now, that brings up a good question – When has this entity been around, and when was it really the spirit of the dead we’ve been seeing?

In other words, was Charlie really Charlie when Hurley saw him after they came back to the island?
In Charlie’s case, I think it was, for the simple reason that Jacob wasn’t surprised or concerned when he heard Hurley talk about these visits.

Now, Christian is a completely different story. I think the Christian Shepard we’ve been seeing from time to time is indeed the spirit of Jack’s dad – almost all the time. The one incident that leads me to believe it wasn’t really him was the scene where Locke went to go see Jacob, and found Christian and Claire instead. I’m pretty sure that was Jacob’s nemesis. I think it’s probable that the whole scene at the cabin where Locke met “Jacob” and he said “help me” was staged too… it was probably Jacob’s nemesis.

The Cabin

What about that cabin, and the ash circle? Was it keeping Jacob in, or the other guy Jacob was talking to at the beginning? What was it that Ilana was looking for? How did she know to look there?

That Book Jacob Was Holding

That book was called Everything That Rises Must Converge

Bernard and Rose

We FINALLY found out what happened to them, and I think I liked where they ended up. Glad the writer’s finally told us where they’ve been all this time.


Ben, Ben, Ben…. Hoo boy, you made a pretty big mistake… wonder how he’s going to react when he realizes what he’s just REALLY done? And why didn’t he pause for a minute to realize there was a bit more going between “Locke” and Jacob?


I was sad to see her go. What a way to go at the end though!


With Jacob dead, if he indeed can die, the destiny of the Oceanic folks seems to be to battle whatever entity is now free to take over now. What’s going to happen next?

Well, there are two possibilities –

1) If Jack and Faraday were right about the H-Bomb reseting the timeline, then the whole incident of Ben stabbing Jacob will never take place. But if that happened, then what next? Where could they possibly take the story from here?

2) If it didn’t reset the timeline, will the island transport them to 2004 to do battle with Jacob’s nemesis?

I think #2 is much more likely.

That’s it for now. Hope you liked the finale as much as I did. Please post your thoughts in the comment section.

I’ll add new posts and theories while we wait for the premiere of Season 6 in 2010!