LOST Theories – Matthew Abaddon

When Locke was in his wheelchair, “pre-island”, he met Matthew Abaddon. In that encounter, Abaddon told Locke to go on walkabout, and if he did, he would “owe him one”.

Locke is about due to re-encounter, Abaddon, don’t you think? But what will Locke be asked to do?

We know that Abaddon was instrumental in getting Daniel, Charlotte and Miles on to the island, and that the team of mercenaries that was sent to the island was sent there by Widmore. Does this make Abaddon Widmore’s right hand man, or is he something more than that?

We all know there’s some kind of weird supernatural force on the island, what with the smoke monster, dead relatives, and the never-aging Alpert. Dead 815ers have even shown up.

What if Matthew Abaddon is one of these people, only working for Widmore’s ends? Presumably Christian is working on the “good” side (and I’m still not completely convinced of that)… What if Abaddon is also dead, working on the “bad” side? I mean, all the dead folks don’t have to be good guys, do they?

There’s some evidence there’s a supernatural force that’s not good on the island, and that manifested itself in Robert when he turned the gun on Daniel… is this just an extension of the Smoke Monster protecting things? Could be, but I’m not so sure.


There’s nothing to support Abaddon theory so far other than a quick disappearance when he went to go see Hurley so, like all theories, this is very much conjecture…. What do you think?

The new episode of Lost, “316” starts in about 45 minutes… see you on the other side!