Survivor – Samoa

Well, add The 19th season of Survivor started again, and this time the castaways are in Samoa. Right off the bat we can add Russell to the list of folks that people are going to love to hate.

Not only did he make a record four different Alliances on the very first show, but at the first sign of trouble, he was able to get rid of Marisa. She of course made the fatal Survivor mistake of telling Russell she was suspicious of him. That’s like painting a huge target on your back, as Marisa found out.

From what we saw on last night’s show, I think Russell is doing too much too quickly. First, making four alliances is a dumb move. It won’t take Betsy much longer to put two and two together about what’s happening at camp. Second, I have *NO* idea what Russell was thinking when he dumped out all the water. All that did was make his tribe weaker, and doing so quite possibly ended up getting them sent to Tribal Council. It’s kind of hard at this early stage in the game whether that was a contributing factor or not…but it sure couldn’t have helped.

How long is Russell going to last if he keeps this up? My guess is not much longer. He might be strong (and in that challenge, he looked VERY strong), but if he keeps up his current pace in messing with his tribe, they’re going to catch on to him fast. Especially if they realize what Marisa was talking about.