LOST – What They Died For


Ha! I loved this episode. It took all my predictions in my previous post, and threw every single one of them was thrown out the window. Well, except for one.

Jack took over for Jacob (so much for the theory of Ben taking over), at least for now.

Widmore died (so much for the theory that Widmore takes over for the Man in Black).

It appears that Richard did die. Pretty anticlimactic way to go. I think Richard deserved a better end. Kate and Sawyer are still alive.

I did like the fact that we found out why Kate’s name was crossed off. (Because Kate became a mother). That settled two questions in one: The other “Kwon” was most like Jin, not Sun. That exchange with Kate also revealed that just because her name was crossed off, it didn’t really matter. She could still have the job if she wanted.

Crazy, crazy episode. It pretty much leaves everything up in the air.

Anyway, that’s my initial reaction to this episode. What did you think of it?