LOST: The Countdown to Zero

Well, it looks like next week (Feb. 15th) will be a very interesting episode. In the previews, it appears that the counter reaches zero.

If you’ve seen the preview, it’s a bit of a shock…. Well, it was to me because I wasn’t expecting anything like that until closer to the end of the season.

In any event, if you look carefully, you’ll see that the counter in the preview is NOT the same counter has has been shown in the room with the computers, and the button. Is there more than one counter in the hatch? Is this another red herring, along the lines of seeing Jin speak English to Hurley?

Let’s assume for a moment that counter really does hit zero…. What will happen?

I’m going to make a couple of guesses here. First, if it’s just Locke and Jack down there, I think the counter will hit zero….and nothing will happen. Jack will turn to Locke, say something “Well, John, nothing happened. This was a waste of time….” …and then all hell breaks loose.

Personally, I’d rather see something like this happen: The counter hits zero, and someone else in the hatch sees Locke and Jack near the computers just as the blast doors go down, cutting them off from the rest of the LOST group. The show would end there, and then the following week would focus entirely on Jack and Locke trying to get out. By the end of the show, they’d find their way out… only to find that the LOST camp is empty. Then they’d have to find out where the rest of the group went.

Should be interesting to see what they’ve planned.

Whatever happens, it’s likely that camp life won’t be as relaxed as before. We might see Desmond again, or we might end up getting a closer look at The Others.

We’ll see soon enough.