LOST: Widmore Construction

Last couple of podcasts, the producers talked about the building in
the background after Charlie walks out of the soundstage where the
commercial was being filmed. The producers said to watch for an
Easter Egg (the name on the building). This week they said it was
hard to see, but it had a “Widmore Construction” on it. They didn’t
say what it meant, but they said to write it down and watch for it.

Michael’s in the construction business….. Maybe he worked for
Widmore Construction?

By the way, Widmore.com and WidmoreConstruction.com have already been registered as domains, in case you were thinking of doing so yourself. They’re not affliated with ABC, they’re probably going to be fan sites, along the lines of Mr. Cluck’s.

3 thoughts on “LOST: Widmore Construction”

  1. Actually, mentioning Widmore Construction makes alot of sense, because *somebody* had to build all of the Dharma facilities on the Island. I bet as we pry furthur into the infrastructure on the island, we might get a glance at a “Widmore Construction” sign somewhere.

  2. As of the season finale, the name Widmore means a lot more. Desmond’s wife/lover/ex-girlfriend (unclear) is Penny Widmore. Her father, a rich benefactor, has a beef with Desmond because he’s from the wrong side of the tracks and not good enough for his daughter. Yet Widmore is also sponsoring Desmond’s trip around the world. From the book “Bad Twin” we know that the Widmores and the Hanso foundation have a long-established alliance. Widmore also sponsored the real Henry Gale’s balloon flight around the world (which sounds suspiciously like Desmond’s trip). Sun’s pregnancy test is from Widmore Labs.

    Now, from the end of the finale, we know that Penny has been using financial resources (presumably her family’s) to keep track of electromagnetic instabilities via a station in what looks like the mountains of South America. The big revelation in this ending is that someone, somewhere, knows the location of this island from the electromagnetic charge. So we can expect some visitors…

    (p.s. – we also know that Libby and Desmond met in a flashback, and rumors on the internet tie Desmond to the fake “Henry Gale” of the Others.)

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