LOST: The Whole Truth

Spoilers ahead…. don’t read this unless you’ve seen “The Whole Truth”

Very interesting episode. The main trust of it was finding out that Jin, who supposedly couldn’t have children was able to get Sun pregnant. This falls right in line with theory I’ve previously stated about nanotechnology being used to cure medical problems.

Whether or not it really IS nanotechnology curing problems on the island, there does seem to be a fair bit of “medical miracle” work happening. So far we’ve seen Jack’s wife miraculously regain the use of her legs shortly after Jack encountered Desmond, we’ve seen Locke regain the use of his legs, and now Jin’s infertility has been “fixed” (pardon the pun).

The other thing you may not have noticed is that the pregnancy test Sun got from Sawyer was labeled “Widmore Labs”. In the “Fire + Water” episode, “Widmore Construction” was shown as the contractor in one of the scenes. Sounds to me like Widmore and the Hanso Foundation might be connected.