LOST: Lockdown

SPOILERS AHEAD! Don’t read this if you haven’t seen the show yet. You’ve been warned.

Great episode! A couple of the Easter eggs I noticed were the Oceanic Airlines flights going over the hotel where Locke met his father, and the address on the license at the end of the show was “815”. (8, 15…two of “The Numbers”).

A couple of questions…. Where was Henry when Locke called for him? Since Henry has been determined to be an “Other”… Why is he there? Is he doing the “Ana Lucia” thing, and getting put in with the people he’s trying to find out about? Is he biding time to try and get Claire’s child, Aaron? And since his name isn’t Henry…. Who the heck is this guy really?

It flashed by pretty quickly, but the drawing that Locke saw looked like locations of the hatches. The one at the bottom had a Swan logo in it. This might help them find the locations of the other hatches.

Looks like a Hurley episode next time. Can’t wait!