LOST: Why was there an invisible map on that blast door?

If you haven’t taken a look at the map that Locke saw on the blast door, you should go take a look at it now. It’s far from just a random bunch of scribbles.

Who actually made the map? Was it just one person? Was it Desmond? Was it “Kelvin

4 thoughts on “LOST: Why was there an invisible map on that blast door?”

  1. If the people in the hatch was a part of an observatory team, watching the outside. Why would the food drop outside the hatch as observed in the last episodes? And how would they be able to observe the enviorment or the people outside with only that small little window? We havn’t seen any machines in perticular that strenghten that theory. Interesting though…

  2. Im positive it was Kelvin who drew the map. I think Kelvin had worked out a lot about the island which he kept from Desmond, this would be why it can only be viewed in the ultraviolet light. Kelvin then got ‘sick’ and died, possibly killed by Desmond as with Roussau and her team.

  3. You are forgetting that there supposed to be 2 people in the hatch (one probably working on some project while the other one had to type in the code every 108 min). Also, Desmond tells Locke (or Jack) that there is another way in/out of the bunker…which explains how they could have got out and research, get food, etc…The “other way out” does not explain the word “Quarantine” though…

  4. the magnet…perhaps to keep something on the island( the “nanomachine” swarm from escaping and having the same effect as it did on the islanders (this so called infection everyone is talking about). although it might also explain why locke got the ability to walk back???????????????????????

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