LOST: Dave

Spoilers ahead….

Turns out that my earlier prediction about Libby turned out to be true:

From my 01/26/06 posting:

“I think the reason Hurley recognized Libby was not because he stepped on her foot (he was at the front of the plane, and she was at the back!, but because she was a nurse or possibly a patient in the hospital he was in.”

Obviously, there are a lot of ramifications to that really being true. Did Libby become so obsessed with Hurley at the hospital that she followed him around after they both got out? Did Libby see Hurley on the news, after he won the lottery, break out and follow him to Australia?

Any way you look at it, this doesn’t look good for Hurley.

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    Has anyone else noticed that Doctor Brooks is also the fake Henry Gale?

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