Spoilers ahead…. You know the drill….

So, there’s something about the island that “cures” people. We now have four “miracle” cures on the show. Locke’s legs, Rose’s remission, Jin’s fertility problem, and Jack’s wife. OK, ok….the last two are suspicious… and we can only take Jin’s “cure” at face value because there’s still some question if that child really is Jin’s child. They did leave it pretty ambiguous, and we’re not sure if Sun’s English teacher is really the father.

If Jack’s wife’s cure really was due to Desmond being involved, that would mean that Dharma may been able to harness the “healing power” of the island. This would also fit in nicely with the theory that Jack’s father was working with Dharma, and allowing them to do secret experiments on patients. If they had been able somehow capture the healing power of it island, they would need to do some experiments to see if it was working properly.

My Lost Nanotechnology theory looks less plasible at this point, but I’m not ready to give on it completely yet. If you haven’t read that yet, you might want to take a look at it.

Another thing that we’ve discovered is that in the “Lost mythos”, the psychic healer that Rose went to see was sensitive to focusing the healing energy. This is probably at least one of the reasons that the
others have Walt, and are so reluctant to give him up.

Now, given all this, I think we might have had a hint during the first season about the down side to all these “miracle” cures. If you remember, at one point Locke started to lose control of his legs during Season one. This was when he was with Boone in the jungle. Why did it happen then? Was it because he was “out of range” of the part of the island where the healing was strongest? The show tonight implied that Rose believed if she left the island, her illness would return. (She didn’t come out and say this….Bernard did).

That could be what the Dharma people are working on. Making the “miracle cures” more permanent.