Lost game: Who is Persephone?

My Lost puzzle game page mentions “Persephone”. That’s the name of the person who’s trying to communicate with you on the Hanso Foundation website. Who is Persephone?

In Greek mythology, Persephone is the name of the daughter of Demeter and Zeus. She was so beautiful that everyone wanted her, including Hades, the king of the underworld. He opened the earth, and took her. Demeter was so upset by this, the earth became infertile. After a long battle with Zeus, Hades finally gave in to the demand to return Persephone. Hades gave her a pomegranate which she later ate from. Eating that bound her to Hades, where she had to spend 1/3 of her time. Demeter caused winter to happen during this period.

Persephone is the queen of the underworld. Her name means “She who destroys the light”.