LOST: The Hatch: Is it really an experiment?

But do you think it really is a psych experiment?

I don’t think it is. I think the people in the observation station
were place there for three weeks at a time, just so they weren’t there
long enough to observe any long term pattern to what might be going
on. If it were something really important and I only wanted a few
people to know about it, but needed more people to help me do it,
telling those extra people it was all part of some experiment would be
a good cover.

Why would the Egyptian Heiroglyphics be there after zero? Why encase
something in that much concrete? Just for a psych experiment?

Another thing, why was it so important for the people in the hatch to
NOT have access to the outside world (via the computer, as Dr. Candle
warned)? And why did someone (Kelvin?) think it so important to leave
that information OUT of the film strip, and hide it? Was what
happened during “the incident” big enough to blow a big hole in
Dharma/Hanso’s plans? Was the person that hid that snippit of film
hoping that it would happen again?

That’d be an interesting idea…. Set up all this Dharma stuff, doing
whatever sinister wackiness it does. Someone catches on, and doesn’t
like it, and very nearly causes the whole operation to end. But not
quite. They recover just enough to keep going, but at a lesser level
than before, and with new complications. Maybe that smoke monster got
released. Maybe it was the French woman’s expedition.

Is that contraption they’re pressing the button for in the hatch
something that’s concentrating all the energy from the magnetic
fields? I mean, say it’s taking a little bit of that energy at a
time, building it all up, so it can be used in some way? Maybe to
magnify psychic powers (like the healer that Rose met with); maybe if
it’s magnetism, to bring down the plane in a semi-controlled way?