Lost: “?” (The Question Mark Episode)

Spoilers ahead:

What a weird name for an episode. It sure was aptly named, though.

The biggest shocker of this episode to me was that we found out that the “psychic” that Claire went to see was a fraud by his own admission. If you’ve read what I’ve written in other parts of the blog, you know I have a theory that Dharma/Hanso has been doing medical experiments on folks without letting them know about it. I think this is another example of that.

Another theory I’ve had for some time now is that the people on Flight 815 were “placed” or “steered” to that flight by members of Dharma. Sun/Jin were sent onto that flight. Claire was, for sure, now that we know her “psychic” really really insisted that she get on that flight. If he were a fraud, what possible modivation would he have to get her on that flight?

I’ll give you a guess…. If Dharma was involved with bringing that girl back, and she needed some sort of recurring medical treatment to keep her healthy, perhaps Dharma/Hanso blackmailed the psychic to telling Claire what she was told. He had to
tell Claire to get on that plane, or Dharma would withold medical treatment for his daughter.

How they got her to go in the first place….that I’m not sure about. Was it a “forecast” using that Hanso number forecasting technology? Was the friend she was with “in” on the whole thing?

Of course, another theory might be that the parents that were going to adopt Claire’s child were part of Dharma/Hanso. They’d probably been following Claire around, saw that she went to a psychic and paid the guy a lot of money so they could get her on that plane.

All of this hinges on a really big problem: How the heck did they get that plane to crash? Was it a controlled crash? How could they possibly do something like that, and keep the real prize (Aaron) from gettin harmed?

Now, about that new Pearl Station.

First off, it was a bad bad idea for Locke to send that little map he drew through to that tube. Someone’s on the other end of that thing.

Did you notice the camera in the room with the televisions in it? Why have a camera on people that were supposed to be the observers? Why was it important to watch what was going on there?

It seemed to me that Dr. Candle (or whatever his name really is….I know he gave a different name on the video, I’m just going with “Dr Candle”), seemed to downplay the urgency of what was going on in the “experiments”. Now, by that I mean, in the film version of the video, he said it was REALLY important. In the video, he said that people had to observe the experiments, but it didn’t seem to be as urgent.

Now, let’s say you were trying to pull off something really big. Something so big, that if a lot of other people knew what was going on, it would comprimise the whole project. You figure out a way to isolate different parts of the project, make sure that each group doesn’t communicate with any of the other groups (if they even realize they exist), and even convince the people that are watching the whole thing that it’s all just an experiment. The people that were doing observations were only watching three weeks at a time, so it’s unlikely they could really grasp what was happening overall. Tell the observers that they have experiments that are going on, that they have to keep track of things, but don’t let them know the real importance.

I think that’s pretty plausible.

One thing continues to bug me, and this episode made it even worse. We’ve seen four of the six “stations”. One (the first one) is running pretty well, and has been for some time. Another (the medical hatch), was working up until a short time ago. It was abandoned within the last month. The “Arrow” hatch, which the “Tailies” found, doesn’t even look like it got stocked up. The observation (The Pearl) station looks like it’s been abandoned for quite some time.

Ah well… those are my thoughts about this for now. I’m with Eko….I think it’s important to keep pressing that button.

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