LOST SPOILER: Scene from Season 3!

Tonight on ABC, they ran a promotion for the dramas on ABC, which of course includes LOST.

If you don’t want to know anything about Season 3, skip this posting, because it contains info on a scene from Season 3!

Still here? In the scene, Sawyer is in a cage in some sort of compound with other cages. There are a couple of red levers in parts of the cage, and a machine a large red button with a white knife and fork. The machine has a slot that appears to dispense food and a pipe that appears to be able to dispense water. Sawyer checks out each of the levers, stamping on one, and moving the other, but neither do anything.

He goes back to the red button and presses it. A speaker says “Warning”, and nothing else happens. He presses it again, and again the speaker says “Warning”. A person in another cage, who Sawyer calls “Carl”, warns Sawyer not to touch the button again.

In typical Sawyer fashion, he presses the button again anyway, and is either blown back by a burst of air or thrown clear by a jolt of electricity and slams into the bars on the far side of the cage. He swears about this, and the scene ends.