Lost Experience Spoiler – Rachel’s identity revealed!

BIG Spoiler ahead! Don’t read this if you don’t want to know something big about Lost!

If you’ve been playing the Lost Experience over the web this past summer, you have probably already seen the really big Lost Spoiler from the HansoExposed website.

Tonight, about 10 minutes ago, the very last part of the tape was posted the front page of ABC.com. The first part was the spoiler mentioned earlier; the NEW part of the video was Rachel Blake going to Narvik, Norway to meet with someone…. Alvar Hanso! He knew what lead her there, and told her that in spite of the fact that she found out that the Hanso Foundation helped her mother with funds to raise Rachel, Rachel kept digging to find Alvar Hanso. Hanso himself told her that he’s her father! He’s being held hostage by Mittlewerk, and urged her to expose Mittlewerk’s plans.

Rachel Blake was on the DJ Dan podcast earlier tonight, and pointed people there. You have to listen to about an hour and a half of the podcast in order to get to the part where Rachel points you to ABC.com.

It should be on the ABC.com website for a while, so go check it out!


Another tidbit related to this…. as DJ Dan talked to Rachel Blake, and was just getting her to talk about “what happened in Norway”, one of the producers of his show cut in with a phone call from someone named “James” who said he hacked into an audio link. The audio was of some sort of military operation that was designed to capture Mittlewerk. When the agents got there, they found that it was a trap. Mittlewerk’s voice was played telling them to get out, and then there was a large explosion. This was right before Rachel said to go to ABC.com