Lost – Hanso Foundation updated with statement from Alvar Hanso!

The Hanso Foundation website has been updated with a statement from Alvar Hanso. I’m including the statement below, just to be sure you see it (and in case it gets taken down)

Statement from Alvar Hanso

To all:

The path of secrecy is a slippery slope. While necessity may dictate, at times, that we shade
ourselves and our work from the all-too-often harsh light of inquiry, habitual secret-keeping
can mire even the noblest of intentions in shadow. It is this shadow I fell prey to, blinded not
only to the action of colleagues like Dr. Thomas Werner Mittelwerk, but also to the
works of my own hand.

I fear the lessons learned have cost many their happiness. Some few have even lost their lives.
My regret for this is endless. But, I assure you now, as I did then, that the work of The Hanso
Foundation has always been intended to bring rebirth to a dying land and a dying people.

Our methods must change. As of this moment, The Hanso Foundation enters a period of
restructure and overhal. Transparency and oversight will be our guiding principles,
excellence in communication and response to feedback our greatest strengths.
To save humanity, we need first tap into just that — our humanity.

Much time has passed — perhaps too much. Thanks to the tireless efforts of my daughter,
Rachel Blake, and a worldwide movement set against the dark entity that was Thomas
Mittlewerk’s regime, I have been exonerated and freed from imprisonment. Thanks to the
grace and foresight of the Global Welfare Consortium, we at The Hanso Foundation have
been given a second chance to build a future that can support, enrich and cradle us all in
peace and joy.

It is to this I dedicate my life and my Foundation. My only hope is that you will join me.


Alvar Hanso