The Business Behind ‘Lost’

Lost The Game

The New York Times is running an article that discusses the merchandising and business behind ‘Lost’, which is a lot larger than I had imagined.

The article talks about the many products that have been created for the show. I thought it was interesting that some of the books by other authors were books that which Lindelof didn’t like very much. ABC merchandising commissioned them. So, they created Bad Twin the book we saw Sawyer reading last year, and put hints about what was going on in the show in there.

There’s Lost – The Game, Lost T-shirts, trading cards, Lost figurines (created by Todd McFarlane), Lost puzzles, and more.

As previously mentioned, they’re writing 13 Webisodes for Lost, and the article talks a bit about the other shows (CSI, 24, The Office) that are doing, or wanting to do the same thing.

Well worth reading.