4 thoughts on “Did we get some HUGE hints in Season One?”

  1. Good thought… the dome is actually my theory, however, the polar bear theory is flawed because in one episode the french chick(i duno how to spell roisuo or whatever) heres a noise and says it must be the bears.. which means they were already on the island

  2. Hey,

    Some good theories there.. Particularly like the uber smoke moster stuff.

    However we now know that the bears were already on the island but hey still doesn’t explain Jacks dad or the horse (he could have been a local to I guess)

    Small problem though with the dome idea… How did the plane get into said dome?

  3. unless the plane was intending to land in the dome. maybe they were trying to land there, but not crash. who’s to say the pilots werent in on it? a little conspiracy-theory-ish of me, but hey – its lost

  4. I like your ideas, including the globe. The plane crashed in a split second when Desmond forgot to reset the hatch countdown clock so maybe it allowed it through. Maybe the plane experienced exposure to 2 gravitational forces and came apart . I’m more intrigued by Desmond’s ability to predict the future or maybe he’s already lived the future (reference to Locke’s speech and the rainstorm) – does this skill stem from the plane/countdown incident or did he acquire it recently during his failed boat exit?

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