Why The Hatch Button Was Bad

Season 2 spoilers ahead… Stop reading if you don’t want to know!

I’ve been re-watching season 2 of Lost before the season premiere of Lost season 3 on October 4 th, 2006. The entire season revolved around the Hatch and the Button that needed to be pressed every 108 minutes.

What happens when the button is not pressed

Well, we sure found out what happened when the button was NOT pressed…. The first time Desmond missed pressing it, it brought down Oceanic flight 815 and brought the survivors to the island. When they narrowly missed pressing the button, a sequence of hieroglyphics came up, which caused all kinds of speculation about what the missing hieroglyphic character might be, and what the whole word or phrase might mean. When they let it go all the way down to complete set hieroglyphics (which read as “Underworld

2 thoughts on “Why The Hatch Button Was Bad”

  1. I don’t know if its old news or even relevant, but the six numbers all add up to 108. As you know 108 is/was the minute countdown for the button press.

  2. I think the magnetic field and the button are both a crock. I think Dharma set it all up as theatrics–things that would happen if the button were NOT pushed–to make everyone think it was some horrible disaster. But what REALLY happened when the button wasn’t pushed? Nothing. Some shaking. Some loud noises. Funny colors. After that, everyone was fine. Theatrics, I tells ya. Theatrics!

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