What is on that video in next week’s Lost preview?

The previews for next week’s show went by pretty quickly, and if you didn’t look too closely, you might have thought there was an alien on the video monitor in the Observation Hatch. Here’s a picture of what they saw.

It sure looks to me like a man with a patch over his eye. Question is, is it one of The Others or someone else?

UPDATE From the comments section, Sthnbelle points out that it’s probably the owner of the glass eye that they found last season.

6 thoughts on “What is on that video in next week’s Lost preview?”

  1. I’m REALLY hoping that it is just a man with a patch – maybe tied in with the glass eye that was in the Bible last season? Thanks for the still – it went by so fast last night!

  2. Have I mentioned I spend WAY too much time thinking about this show??

    Must admit that I got that theory from another site, though – not sure which one – maybe sledgeweb?

  3. Okay, Steve, your spam stuff has got to stop! I’m trying yet another address now. 🙂

    Wow, Sthnbelle…great observation! You ARE a sick way obsessed fan! 🙂 I completely forgot about that eye…

    Think we’ll get some explanation for how Locke can walk if “Ben” (if that is his real name) has a crushed vertebrae, shouldn’t be be showing SOME, well, physical limitations in his movements?

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