Things you missed in “Every Man for Himself”

A few things you might have missed in Lost’s 4th episode of Season 3:

  • The Others took a submarine over to get the sailboat, and that submarine is called the Galaga

  • Juliet said, “That’s not how we do it over here, Jack” – which was a hint that they weren’t on the same island as the people from the plane crash

  • Kate’s response to Sawyer when she went back into the cage was “Live together, die alone”, a repeat of what Jack said last season

  • Jack is manipulating Juliet the very same way that Ben Linus (as Henry Gale) tried to manipulate Locke, when he asked who was in charge. Locke didn’t like it when “Henry” did it, and Juliet didn’t like it when Jack did it

  • The mumbled words that Jack was trying to hear in the broken speaker were of two men talking. The words were, “… under control. Yeah? You know what he’s doing to Karl? You know what he’s doing? It was a mistake to bring those two here.”

  • When Sawyer was waking up on the table, one of The Others (“Zeke”, I think) said that they didn’t have any communication for two days after the sky went purple.

  • The car Munson had hidden was in the South Florida area; it’s likely that’s where Sawyer was being held in prison.

4 thoughts on “Things you missed in “Every Man for Himself””

  1. Yeah, based on the description of the car’s location, off of 441 near Sawgrass, it definately sounded like it was in South Florida. That was a neat reference to our neck of the woods!

    However, I disagree with the ‘over here’ comment…I think the statement can be taken more generically as in ‘their side of the island’, not specifically to mean THEIR island.

    And the nature of this new island is in question somewhat. Is this where their enclave is? If so, to get from there to where the plane wrecked (on each side of the island) would take more than 1 hour to do…unless they have some super-handy transportation mechanism we don’t know about (submarines do not count). So I’m convinced their houses are on the main Lost island…and that this island is for research purposes only. Which leads to several questions:
    – Assuming the polar bears were on the research island to begin with (where the cages are), how’d they get to the main island?
    – I’ve been to Alcatraz (last year August) and it ain’t that big an island. If this one is twice the size…well, even then the cages they’re in are never more than 5-10 minutes away from shore. Alcatraz ain’t that big.
    – Why has no one ever seen the reseach island from the main island?

    There are many more…but this is a start.

  2. “So I’m convinced their houses are on the main Lost island”

    I came the same conclusion.

    The polar bears probably swam to the other island.

    The research island must be on the other side of the island, opposite of where the survivor camp is.

  3. In the previous show, someone (Colleen) said they were going to take the “Galaga” to go get the sailboat. This week, they said they had just gotten back in the submarine, so that must be it’s name.

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