Rumors of Jack’s Death on Lost

You might have been hearing the rumors about Jack getting killed off on the show next year when it returns. Are you worried about that happening?

Just to alleviate your fears, there’s a New York Post article today that talks about it. The show’s writers dismiss this completely and say that “This is the most insane rumor regarding ‘Lost’ to date”.

You can breathe again.

Read all about it in: New York Post Online Edition

2 thoughts on “Rumors of Jack’s Death on Lost”

  1. Didn’t hear the rumor…but if they did, so be it. As long as they replace him with another quality lead…which would be hard to do.

    I’ve never been against a movie/series taking big risks like that (To Live And Die In L.A. comes to mind), but you have to shore the production up with another strong lead (stronger, actually) or you will lose your audience in a heartbeat.

  2. If adding characters like Niki and Paulo are an indication of what sort of replacements they’ll be making to the show Lost ain’t gonna last longer than three seasons.

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