Dominic Monaghan’s Lost Theory

Seems that everyone has a theory about what’s really happening on LOST, including the cast itself. Charlie’s theory? Actor Dominic Monaghan thinks it’s all the work of a really, really mad billionaire that’s upset about some wrong from the past.

The writer’s of the show have already dismissed it.

One thought on “Dominic Monaghan’s Lost Theory”

  1. What theory haven’t the Lost producers dismissed? I have yet to see any of them nod their head and go, “Well…you MAY have a point there…”

    And Dominic has been all over the map on his theories. Look on the Season 2 DVD set (or on the bonus disc from Best Buy, I don’t remember which)…he gives his theories there and this wasn’t one of them. I think this is better labeled “Dominic’s Lost Theory of the Week™”.

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