24 Season 5 – 9 am to 10 am

When I wrote up summaries last year, I started on Episode 4, and never wrote up Episodes 1-3. So, in order to be complete, I wrote the missing episodes

Here’s my summary for Episdode 3

The following summary takes place between 9 am and 10 am

9:00 am – Chaos everywhere outside of the airport, and Diane tells one of the police officers that she has information for CTU. One of the police officers looks a little surprised by this, because he’s never seen her on the show before.

9:01 am – Inside the airport terminal, one of the hostages tries to make a cell phone call using the wrong provider, and one of the terrorists shoots him for it. The head terrorist tells them to switch providers and everyone immediately complies.

9:02 am – One of the terrorist sidekicks goes looking for the baggage handler, but can’t find him. Jack has stuffed him into some baggage.

9:03 am – Using his amazing cell phone technology, the head terrorist calls one of the personal cell phones of one of the police officers without even looking up the number, and tells him that they’re going to blow up just about everything they can think of unless their demands are met.

9:04 am – Jack decides to jump up with the baggage to hide, and then realizes that going into the ceiling where he can crawl around the fragile ceiling tile would be a better idea.

9:06 am – AAAH! Audrey. They should warn us about that. Audrey goes to talk to Bill. Bill lets her know that a body at the refinery was found and it appears the guy died from lead poisoning, so it’s likely Chloe was telling the truth about Jack. Bill gets a phone call….It’s Jack!

9:07 am – Jack tells Bill that the airport has been attacked, and Bill tells him he hasn’t heard a thing about it. Spencer enters, and tells Bill the airport has been attack. Bill tells Jack that he believes him now. Jack rolls his eyes as he takes pictures of the bad guys for his scrapbook, and to send to CTU. Bill tells Spencer to get Curtis to redirect to the airport, which in Curtis time will be about 10 seconds.

9:08 am – Bill tells Jack to turn himself in, but Jack says, “Neener neener! I don’t work for you!”, and that he’s staying inside. Bill agrees, since there’s not much he can do. Jack tells Bill that he sent Diane and Derek to CTU for protection, and Audrey looks a little surprised by this and wonders if Jack staging his death is how he planned to get away from her. Bill tells Jack that he’ll protect them from Audrey. Jack decides to go up a ladder, and up further into the ceiling.

9:08 am – Back at Camp Manilow, the Russian President sends his condolences to the country for having Manilow as President while they both have their pictures taken. Walt and Cheney Looking Guy tell Manilow that there are hostages at the airport, and that CTU thinks this has to do with the Summit, and they want to have a briefing. Manilow tells the Russian President that he has to leave, and the Russian President already knows. Manilow looks like he wants to know how the Russians found out that fast.

9:10 am – At CTU, Spencer is playing with Google Maps and sending pictures to Jack. Edgar suggests using the phone book to find the terrorists, and Bill insists they keep using the computers. Chloe arrives and tells Edgar to use an adaptive search.

9:11 am – Bill tells Chloe that she violated about 11 codes, and Chloe corrects him that it’s about 26 violations (really gotta love Chloe). Chloe suggests that she help with the search for who the terrorists are, and Bill tells her that would be OK.

9:12 am – Audrey rushes in and says that her favorite television program has been interrupted by some sort of broadcast from the terrorists. In the broadcast, the terrorists are all wearing masks, which has GOT to be hot in Southern California.

9:13 am – Manilow’s watching the same broadcast, and insists that the terrorists get off the air immediately because there’s a new “Sesame Street” that he hasn’t seen yet.

9:14 am – The broadcast ends, and Manilow completely loses his mind, and wants the terrorist situation “fixed”.

9:14 am – A helicopter that Curtis is flying lands at the airport, and he gets a phone call. It’s Jack! Jack tells him all about the situation inside the airport. Curtis says, “What, no ‘Hello, Curtis…I’m alive?’” He seems a little surprised Jack is alive, but says he wants Jack to quarterback the situation from inside. Jack tells him there will be time enough for football later.

9:15 am – A police officer tells Curtis about Diane, and Jack wants to talk to her. She tells him that Derek went inside the building. Jack looks, and sure enough, Derek is in there. Jack says a naughty word.


9:21 am – Bill reads from the lead terrorist’s resume to the group at CTU and to Manilow. Manilow looks pretty upset that this is all happening, and suggests talking to the terrorists. Bill rolls his eyes, and says he’ll try.

9:23 am – Phone call to the terrorists, its Bill trying out Manilow’s plan. The terrorists respond by bringing a hostage to the TV camera and shooting him. Manilow looks like he won’t be suggesting a plan like that again.

9:25 am – The terrorists grab Derek and put him on TV which Derek seems happy about until they tell everyone they’re going to shoot Derek in 15 minutes unless their demands are met. Derek looks a bit upset by that.


9:31 am – Mrs. Manilow is watching the terrorists on the news, and tells her assistant that All-State tried to warn her about something about “national security”. Since the terrorist stuff probably qualifies as “national security”, she’s guessing that this has something to do with it. Also that someone had altered the conversation with All-State when it was taped. Then she leaves.

9:32 am – The terrorists at the airport all are wearing lots of equipment. Jack takes a picture and sends it to Chloe, asking if he can get some of that stuff, plus the frequency of the devices so he can plan a terrorist explosion party.

9:33 am – Chloe sees Audrey and almost throws up. Chloe asks Spencer to look up some frequencies and send them to Jack’s phone which he doesn’t seem too sure about until Chloe turns on the charm.

9:34 am – Agent Pierce at the Manilow compound goes to get Mrs. Manilow, but she’s not there. She’s out creeping around the compound, and walks into the men’s bathroom, creating a messy situation for the guy trying to use it, a communications officer. She wants the transcripts of the phone conversation she had with All-State, and threatens to undress in front of him and scream unless he gives her a key card. This freaks him, and everyone watching, out. He gives her his card.


9:42 am – Jack calls Chloe, wanting the frequency codes, but they’re still looking. Spencer just finishing looking up the Mattel codes and wants to go to the Fischer Price codes, but Chloe tells him to look up the Russian codes instead.

9:42 am – Curtis is organizing a welcoming committee for the terrorists, and tries to coordinate who will be entering with who, and tells the team to deploy. It’s going to take 15 minutes to get into position.

9:43 am – The lead terrorist gives Derek some breathing lessons.

9:44 am – Lead terrorist calls Bill. Bill tries to lighten up the conversation, but the lead terrorist really really wants to shoot someone and hangs up.

9:45 am – Chloe finds the maker of the device, and Spencer finds the frequency, which she sends to Jack. The phone has to reboot before he can use it. What is this, Windows?

9:46 am – Just as lead terrorist is about to shoot Derek, the phone reboots, and Jack reboots one of the terrorists causing mass confusion. The terrorist explodes into a thousand pieces of paper.

9:47 am – The terrorists go to investigate, and they find bits of terrorist all over the place. Bill wants to know if Jack did that, and he admits he did.

9:48 am – Manilow calls Bill and wants to know what caused the explosion. Bill tells him their “man inside” did it. Manilow, Walt and Cheney Looking Guy all act really surprised when it turns out that the “man inside” is Jack. Manilow throws a little tantrum when Bill tries to explain about Jack.


9:52 am – Agent Pierce is STILL waiting for Mrs. Manilow and her assistant is still stalling. Mrs. Manilow is tearing apart the records room, finds some old high school photographs and hides them. She’s still looking for the All-State records.

9:53 am – At the airport, Curtis continues to coordinate the counter terrorism unit, and tells Diane that Derek is OK.

9:54 am – Agent Pierce walks in on Mrs. Manilow in the records room, and leaves it a mess for that guy in the bathroom to clean up. Mrs. Manilow tells her assistant that she got what she wanted.

9:55 am – Walt calls the Guy In The Dark Room and tells him Jack Bauer is in the airport, that Jack blew up one of the terrorists, that Jack knows one of the hostages, and that it’s likely Jack is mad he can’t go into the terminal for a Starbuck’s.

9:56 am – Agent Pierce tells Walt that Mrs. Manilow is back in her room, but that she was in one of the records rooms. Walt tells Agent Pierce that he thought they had moved everything over to CDs, and Agent Pierce tells him that he would have to take that up with Mrs. Manilow.

9:57 am – Jack calls Curtis, telling him all the new seating plans for the terrorists.

9:58 am – Lead terrorist guy takes a phone call from someone, and then goes to a computer to disrupt the phone conversation that Jack is having with Curtis. This guy must work for a cell phone company.

9:58 am – Lead terrorist announces that he knows that Jack is there, and that Derek is going to be shot until Jack comes out of hiding right away. Bill aborts the mission. Lead terrorist guy points a gun right at Derek!

9:59 am – Jack shows up from around the corner, and they tie him up!

10:00 am – Time’s up!