“24” Season 5 – Episode 2 – 8 am to 9 am

When I wrote up summaries last year, I started on Episode 4, and never wrote up Episodes 1-3. So, in order to be complete, I’m working on getting those written up.

Here’s my summary for Episdode 2

The following summary takes place between 8 am and 9 am

8:00 am – Audrey is showing Bill the latest version of Google Maps, which has an annoying blinking dot feature on it at the compound where Manilow is. Edgar bursts in, telling Bill that he heard there were donuts in the conference room, and that they might have a suspect on video.

8:01 am – Using magic technology that only CTU has for changing low resolution images into high resolution images, the video shows Jack trying to get through a locked door. Audrey looks more perplexed than usual.

8:02 am – Jack tells Chloe that someone is trying to frame him to take the fall for All-State’s assassination. Chloe suggests that Jack get as far away from here as possible, and Jack tells her if he did that the next 23 hours of the show were are going to be quite boring.
Jack wants to go to All-State’s suite and look around. Chloe thinks it’s crazy, but just happens to have a good way to break into the computers over in that building.

8:03 am – Derek looks none too pleased to see that Jack killed Head Bad Guy, and refuses to go into the van when Jack tells him too. Jack calmly asks again, using a very persuasive grip on Derek’s throat.

8:04 am – Back at CTU, Edgar tells everyone the video tape hasn’t been altered, except for perhaps the wrong date in the corner. Bill, Curtis, and Audrey are trying to figure out if and why Jack shot Palmer. Edgar speaks up and says that it was Mary Crosby that shot him. Bill tells him that was “J.R.” and to focus.

8:05 am – Bill wants to know where Chloe is, and Edgar goes into partial meltdown telling everyone that HE wanted to find out where Chloe was but SPENCER didn’t think it was a big deal. And, I quote, “Nah, Nah, NahNah, Nah Nah”. They want to get to Chloe before Jack does. Um…. Too late. And it’s a good thing too.

8:06 am – Manilow stands in an open doorway, trying to figure out what that weird noise is. Walt walks in and tells him that what he’s hearing are “birds”. Walt also tells Manilow that Mrs. Manilow called. Walt can’t figure out why All-State would want to call Mrs. Manilow, so Manilow gives Walt permission to check the phone records.

8:07 am – Audrey calls Manilow and tells him that Jack is a suspect in the All-State death. Walt starts calling Jack names, and Audrey doesn’t like it (but mysteriously doesn’t cry about it). Manilow tells Audrey to find Jack, and hangs up.

8:08 am – Some guy with dark sunglasses is at the refinery looking at all the bodies that are Jack’s handiwork. He’s talking to a guy in a dark room with lots of television monitors, which appears to be bad guy headquarters. Guy in Dark Room (GIDR) says that CTU will find Jack, and then Jack will be taken out. They don’t say where.


8:14 am – Chloe’s driving the bad guy van with Derek and Jack in the back. Jack’s going through the bad guy weapons that are stashed back there, obviously impressed. Jack’s phone rings, and it’s his girlfriend. She wants to know where to meet Jack, and he says he doesn’t know yet.

8:15 am – A fake newswoman is giving a fake news report to a fake camera with a very concerned fake look on her face, in front of All-State’s building. Chloe drives the van right up to the building, and makes it through the checkpoint. Good to see tight security.

8:16 am – They’re in the parking lot under the building now, and Jack pulls out an earpiece that just happens to work with Chloe’s amazing visualization of every single agent in the building. Chloe tells Jack there are 167 agents in the building, and Jack tells Chloe there are now going to be 168 agents in the building.

8:17 am – Jack gets out of the van, walks up to an FBI agent taking something out of his trunk and takes him out in about two seconds. Chloe says, “Relax, he’s really good at this”. Jack must have really wanted that guy’s shirt because he’s wearing it now. Jack heads upstairs.

8:18 am – Jack heads for the elevator, and four agents get onto the elevator with him. Jack tries to blend into the woodwork, while the agents completely ignore him.

8:19 am – Jack gets to the penthouse and he starts looking around for the catering table. He sees All-State on the ground and is pretty upset, so he goes into a completely empty room that happens to have a computer in it.

8:20 am – Derek starts asking Chloe all kinds of questions about Jack, like why she keeps calling him “Jack” instead of “Frank”. Chloe tells him that some bad people wanted to cover up their mistakes and that part of that would be Jack being dead. Since Jack didn’t seem to think this was a good plan, he went into hiding.

8:21 am – Jack gets All-State’s computer booted, which, as we know, is all Chloe needs to get into the computer. Someone’s at the door! Jack grabs the guy from behind, and we see it’s All-States brother, Wayne.

8:22 am – Jack calmly explains to Wayne that it would be stupid to have killed All-State, because they were good friends. Wayne tells Jack that the Secret Service guys in the next room would probably like to help. Jack tells him that wouldn’t be that great of an idea. Jack gives Wayne his gun to prove he’s telling the truth, and Wayne finally accepts this.

8:24 am – Mrs. Manilow is watching old blooper reels of All-State, still pretty upset. Walt comes in and asks about All-State’s phone call.

8:26 am – Jack asks if All-State was acting strangely. Wayne says that All-State was acting pretty distracted, especially by the bullet. Jack decrypts the first chapter of All-State’s memoir. Wayne thinks it’s pretty weird that All-State would do that because reading an encrypted chapter is a LOT harder to understand.

8:27 am – Edgar is still sniping at Spencer about Chloe. They finally make up, and Edgar gives Spencer Chloe’s access code to use. They figure out that Chloe is logged in remotely. Neither of them thinks she called in for a sick day, so they call Bill. Bill doesn’t remember a sick day either. They figure out that she’s at the scene of Palmer’s killing, and they figure out that Jack might be with Chloe.


8:33 am – A bunch of bad guys are taking guns out of boxes full of straw, obviously having just come from some kind of live stock mission. GIDR calls a bald bad guy and tells him to hurry up.

8:33 am – Jack and Wayne find something Wayne doesn’t recognize in the All-State paper they’re reading on the computer, and it appears to be a name and an location at an airport. Chloe says that all the little dots on her screen are moving up towards the penthouse and that’s a bad thing because the dots all want autographs and have guns. Jack tells Wayne to keep things quiet, and he leaves.

8:34 am – Jack tries to leave, but the room is packed with agents, except for one agent in the kitchen who is looking for a snack. Jack knocks him out, which is going to be pretty embarrassing for that agent later. Jack goes into a private elevator and presses the button to close the door repeatedly, because we know that always makes an elevator go faster.

8:35 am – Chloe’s screen with the little dots goes blank! Jack decides to get off on the second floor (pretty tricky, Jack!) and runs for it down some stairs, beating up an agent as he goes. Jack jumps into the van. Chloe tells him that the name on the paper is a baggage guy at the airport.

8:36 am – Suddenly, a bunch of agents show up out of nowhere and all announce that Chloe and Jack have to give themselves up. The van goes barreling out of the garage, there’s a brief chase, and the agents figure out that it’s just Chloe. Jack and Derek got away!

8:38 am – Jack and Derek hotwire a car and drive away.


8:42 am – Jack calls Diane, and tells her to meet them at the Ontario airport. Diane says it’s a long way to Canada, and Jack tells her “Ontario airport in Los Angeles”.

8:43 am – Phone call from the field agents to Bill about Chloe, and Bill asks to talk to her. Chloe tells Bill that Jack didn’t kill Palmer, and that the guy who really did it is waiting for them at the oil refinery, and he’s not going anyway anytime soon. Bill wants to know where Jack is, and Chloe tells him “as if”. Bill doesn’t like this very much so he puts on his angry eyes and ORDERS her to tell him where Jack is. Chloe gets a look on her face that says, “Yeah, right!”, and refuses to tell him. Bill tells the agents to bring Chloe in.

8:44 am – Derek tells Jack that he knows a little about what happened. Jack starts to tell Derek that he cares about both Derek and his mother, which alarms Derek a little bit.

8:45 am – Back at Manilow headquarters, Mrs. Manilow wants to know if Manilow heard the conversation that was recorded between her and All-State. Manilow pulls out a recording device and we hear All-State calling Mrs. Manilow to visit with her, and that he’ll bring the pizza. Mrs. Manilow freaks out, and tells Manilow there was never any pizza mentioned, only hot sandwiches. Manilow tries to convince Mrs. Manilow that she’s not remembering correctly, but she’s not quite buying it.

8:47 am – Edgar tells Bill and Audrey that something is up with the Russian summit that’s about to happen in about 15 minutes, that being the top of the hour, the time when all dramatic things happen.

8:48 am – A UPS truck full of bad guys with guys is driving pretty quickly towards its destination. GIDR is on the phone with the Bald Bad Guy. They are definitely headed towards the Russians.

8:49 am – Cheney-Looking Guy tells Manilow that the Russian helicopter might be targeted. Manilow is really insistent that the helicopter land, despite the extreme amount of evidence that this would be a really bad idea.


8:54 am – Jack and Derek arrive at the airport, where Diane is waiting. Jack apologizes to Derek, and tells Derek to go to his mom. Jack tells Diane that his name is not Frank, it’s “Jack Bauer”, and gives her a CTU card and tells her that Bill will take care of everything, including parking validation.

8:56 am – Jack enters the airport looking for the baggage supervisor.

8:57 am – At CTU, they’re watching the Russian helicopter land. Lots of dramatic music! A marine gets off the plane, followed by the Russian president and his wife. Nothing happens! Oooh….bad dramatic music guys! Naughty!

8:58 am – Diane and Derek are trying to leave the airport when they’re stopped. Derek is the ONLY PERSON at the airport that sees the UPS truck with a bunch of guys getting out of the back of it. The guys go into the airport, and Derek follows.

8:58 am – Jack tracks down the baggage handler and uses the words, “You’re going to tell me what I want to know, it’s just a matter of how much it is going to hurt”. That’s our Jack!

8:59 am – Bald Bad Guy pulls out a machine gun and starts shooting, which distracts Jack. The baggage handler chugs a diet Coke, quickly eats a few Mentos and kills himself by foaming to death. Bald Bad Guy announces that no one will be harmed if the President complies.

8:59 am – Walt is on the phone with Head Bad Guy, telling him that he was the one that altered the tape, before Manilow could hear it! Head Bad Guy tells Walt that the airport has been taken, and that Manilow will know the demands soon!

9:00 am – Time’s up!