How soon will be see an “Others Rebellion”?

Just a few more hours until LOST premieres, and with all the build up from the first six shows, how long will it be until we see an “Others Rebellion”?

What the heck is that? Well, we have Ben down on the operating table. Juliet is trying to get Jack to do away with Ben, which I don’t think will work. This was going to be her big power play, until Jack turned the tables on her and decided that he wanted to try to save Kate and Sawyer.

Now Juliet is in a bit of a mess: Does she save Ben, and ruin her plans? Does she do something that might get rid of Ben and really screw up her plans when it doesn’t work? Does she do something that might get rid of Ben and actually succeeds? How would the other Others react to THAT?

From the beginning we’ve seen that Juliet doesn’t like Ben’s iron hand in deciding things, or the way some of the Others follow him. We know that Alex isn’t very happy about what’s happened to her or her friend “Karl”. (Ben does still care about Alex though, and even asked about her before his surgery). Will Juliet enlist Alex to help get rid of, or at least keep Ben from being the leader of the Others?

Trouble is definitely brewing, it’s just a matter of when things come to a head.

The real question in my mind is, what if they do “overthrow” Ben? Will Juliet be the new leader? What happens if Juliet turns around and is worse than Ben?

That’s my bet. Somehow Juliet will take over, and whatever self-control Ben had, we will not see the same from Juliet.

Then the Lost castaways will really have something to worry about.