Theory about the one-eyed man on LOST

I know it’s been a while since the first six episodes of LOST have aired, but tonight’s the night it all starts back up again: The “Others”, the smoke monster, people on the beach that we haven’t seen for two seasons becoming part of the regular cast.. Can you tell I’m getting punchy?

Anyway, I’d been thinking about the one-eyed man that Locke saw on the video monitor. He’s probably the owner of the glass eye that was hidden in the book. If you recall, there was also something else found with that glass eye. The portion of the film that was missing from the “Orientation” movie that was in the hatch.

So, let’s think about this a minute. The guy with the glass eye had the portion of the film that warned people NOT to use the computers for anything other than punching those numbers in. Why would he have taken something like that?

We know that the first “incident” caused something to happen in the hatch which prompted the Dharma Initiative to make the film warning not to communicate with anyone, which they hoped would stop another “incident”. Was this because the people in the hatch before Desmond got there nearly made everything implode too?

I think it’s clear that by taking out that portion of the film, the person that did it wanted whatever happened before to happen again. The question is, is that a good thing, or a bad thing? Is the one-eyed man trying to help or not?

I’m not really sure we can tell at this point. On the one hand, he does seem to be operating outside of the influence of the “Others”. I can’t think of another reason he would have been hanging around the bunker where the Tailies found the glass eye and film; he was hiding. He seems to be sabotaging their plans, which may be a good thing.

On the other hand, what if what The Others are trying to do is really important? What if the one-eyed man is creeping around the island trying to stop them from what every good work they’re trying to do?

Just something to think about before the last part of the season starts.

5 thoughts on “Theory about the one-eyed man on LOST”

  1. AAACCKK, Steve, I don’t need any more mysteries swirling around in my brain!!!

    So, no chance of you doing a “24” style recap for Lost, huh?

  2. Nah… Not for Lost. I’m still trying to actually take it seriously.

    Although, I admit, it’s been tough this season.

  3. I’m wondering why he would have voluntarily given up the eye though – perhaps he’s not the one who clipped the film either. (not that I have any other likely suspects)

  4. I had assumed that he took it out when he slept, and put it in a safe place. At some point he had to get out of there in a hurry and just left it behind.

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