The Desmond Theory Revisited

Spoilers ahead for “Flashes Before Your Eyes”

I’m feeling pretty sick right now, so this isn’t going to be a long post.

I just watched the latest episode of LOST, “Flashes Before Your Eyes”, and thought if you haven’t read what I wrote last October already, go read A theory about what’s going on with Desmond. It’s not spot on, but it’s close.

Anyway, regarding tonight’s episode: I think that old woman in the store had been on the island before, and something similar happened to her…. she just didn’t go back.

3 thoughts on “The Desmond Theory Revisited”

  1. The way I’ve been thinking about things, probably not. I think Locke getting the use of his legs back and Rose getting better are more of a function of a healing effect inherent in the island, while the thing the effected Desmond was something different.

    Now, why Locke and Rose could become healthy while Ben couldn’t….that, I have no idea about.

  2. Let’s extend my connection between Desmond and Locke, tho, because this MAY apply to Rose as well.

    1) Prior to the plane crashing, Locke, Rose and Desmond were all ‘normal’.
    2) The incident with the hatch occurs and unleashes some type of magnetic ‘beam’ that strikes the plane (and Locke and Rose), bringing the plane down.
    3) Locke can walk, and Rose is cured.
    4) Locke can seemingly predict the weather.
    5) Rose ‘knows’ that her husband is safe.
    6) Later, Desmond detonates the hatch, possibly being exposed to the same ‘beam’.
    7) Desmond seemingly survived an explosion in one piece…or was ‘healed’ by the beam like Locke and Rose.
    8) Desmond can now predict the weather, and other things.

    I think there may be a lot more similarity to Locke, Rose and Desmond than we realize.

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