Things you missed in “Flashes Before Your Eyes”

Things you missed in “Flashes Before Your Eyes”:

The quick flash of scenes that happened after the key was turned were of some of Desmond’s experiences on the island.

The clock next to Desmond’s bed read 1:08. (The hatch button had to be pressed every 108 minutes).

The microwave beeping noise is the same noise as the warning noise for entering the numbers.

The delivery person at the reception desk brings the package “for 815”. ( 4 8 15 ….hatch button numbers).

There’s a polar bear next to the upside-down Buddha in the artwork on Widmore’s wall, with the word “NAMASTE” written backwards at the top.

Charlie’s full name is “Charlie Hieronymus Page”. Hieronymus Bosch was a painter that lived between 1450-1516. (Remember the Hatch numbers? 15 16 were part of those).

The song playing on the jukebox in the bar is the same song Desmond played the first time we saw him in the hatch.

Desmond and Penny only get one picture from the photographer; Desmond and Penny both have a copy of that picture. Desmond has one of his own with him on the island, and Penny had on by her nightstand at the end of last season.

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  1. Yeah, that pretty much sums it all up, in terms of connection points. However, given how many there were, I’m sure there may be many more we didn’t notice.

    The only observation I’d make is that I think the jewelery store woman also appeared during the closing credits in the teaser for next week’s show…so this may blow the theory that she left the island out of the water…er…so to speak.

    This week’s episode
    Teaser for next week

  2. Really? I thought the eyes were the same color. However, after reviewing it further, I think I see other differences in appearance (wrinkle around the corner of her mouth is not the same, and the nose looks a bit fatter/wider on one than the other)…

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