Lost: Random thoughts about “Tricia Tanaka is Dead”

Spoilers Ahead Don’t read this if you haven’t seen tonight’s episode.

This is going to be more of ramble, rather than a theory or anything like that.

I’m really getting sick and tired of the LOST promos lately. Last week it was “We’ll uncover three big mysteries”, this week it was “Don’t miss the episode that everyone will be talking about tomorrow”…

There was no surprising revelation tonight, and no, I don’t count that Kate finding Danielle (the woman who spoke French from Season 1) to tell her about Alex as a “big surprise”. With the amount of time that we’ve seen Alex this season, I think it was pretty clear that Danielle would come back into the picture.

Desmond still seems pretty freaked out still, and I can’t say I blame him for that.

Locke and Sayid are still running around together, but there hasn’t been an explanation for that.

Sun told Jin she was just going to speak English now.

Kate and Sawyer didn’t really resolve anything.

I did like the fact that they showed Mr. Cluck’s getting demolished.

I guess the main point of the show centered around Hurley taking his father’s advice and “made his own luck”, by getting that car started. Nice coincidence with the tape playing “The House of Shambala” by Three Dog Night in the car. That was same song that Hurley was listening to the day his father left.

Is this a turning point for Hurley? Is it just a matter of the power of positive thinking? I would seriously doubt that, but I hope he turns into “happy Hurley”, because he’s a lot more fun that “depressed Hurley”.

The real question is, what was Roger doing out there, and where was the path or road he was originally driving on? The “Work Man” label on his jumpsuit was interesting… We have a little clearer picture now. Not every one of “The Others” has something to do with research or medicine. Up until last week, I’d assumed that Ethan was an “enforcer” type, not a doctor. Was Roger out there to pick up one of the packages that drop from the sky (Remember last season?)? Was he there to deliver beer to The Hatch? Seems kinda weird. Was that really material headed for recycling in the back of the van?

Next week looks interesting – the previews showed that they’re going to meet up with the man with the patch over his eye.

Not the best episode so far, but it was good to see a bit more about Hurley’s past.

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  1. What do you think the white ball of smoke was , following Hurley’s head when he found the armbone &key?

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