LOST – The Variable

Spoilers ahead
Well, things are definitely moving faster than before, but not in entirely satisfying ways. Sorry to see that Daniel got shot and appears to have died.

In the episode, young Daniel was playing the piano and was interrupted by his mother. She was visibly upset, and I could tell that she’d gotten some bad news. From that point in the story on, I knew Daniel was going to end up a goner. They pretty much telegraphed it in his “anyone of us could die” speech to Jack.

I think the big question about that is, how did his mother know this was going to happen? In fact, how did she know what she did know?

I think it’s because she was visited by Daniel – ala the way Charlie visited Hurley or Christian visited Jack. Daniel, for some reason, visited her and convinced her to make the younger version of himself a scientist and send him to the island. Why? No idea.

Another question about Mrs. Hawking is: If she knew what was going to happen in the future, all this time, why did she say she didn’t know what was going to happen? I think she said something, “For the first time, in a very long time, I don’t know what’s going to happen next.”

If Daniel had been feeding her information about what was going to happen, if he stopped visiting her, she wouldn’t know what happened next. Maybe he finally quit visiting her right before she went to apologize to Penny.

The biggest revelation was the Charles Widmore was Daniel’s father. I think people long suspected that relationship once they saw that Eloise and Charles had both previously been on the island.

Note too that Daniel planted the idea about using the hydrogen bomb to prevent The Swan from being constructed. It appears from the preview for next week that Jack is going to go through with this plan. In the posting before I made this one, I proposed that the bomb would be detonated in the finale. I didn’t really think it would be Jack that set the thing off; I’d been thinking it would be Ben.

I don’t think this will be the last we’ll see of Daniel. I sure hope not.

What did you think of tonight’s show?

LOST – Some Like It Hoth

Thoughts about tonight’s episode:

First off, this theory about Miles being Pierre Chang’s son was right on the mark.

Why are does Chang and the rest of the Dharma leadership find it important to hide that body? Why act like it doesn’t exist? Just to prevent panic among the Dharma folks?

So, we saw the numbers being put on the hatch. The crew called it a serial number… was it only that? Is this whole number thing destined to be one of the mysteries of the show that will never be solved?

Speaking of mysteries: “Do you know what lies in the shadow of the statue?” is LOST’s “Save the cheerleader, Save the World”. My guess? The Others are protecting a portal to the afterlife.

So, what did you think about Mile’s brief kidnapping? Yeah, I know Ben was probably behind it. I’m not sure the story line has room for a fourth group of “Others” wanting their way on the island.

Fourth? Didn’t I mean third? Nope, Ben’s group, Charles’ group, and … Richard Alpert’s group. I think those are the three that are trying to get the power on the island. Ben and Charles might be at each other’s throats, but I think it’s Richard Alpert who is pulling the strings.

And the theory about who really put that plane in the ocean has been put to rest – the winner is: Charles Widmore. He paid to have graves dug up, and an old plane sunk in the ocean, just to cover things up so that no one would keep looking for that plane.

How random is that $1.6 million that Miles was offered to go to the island? Why $1.6 million? That $3.2 million figure that Miles wanted from Ben seems to only turn out to be double the number Charles offered. I’m a bit disappointed by that revelation.

Things are rapidly spinning out of control now that Sawyer hit Phil. That, combined with Roger’s suspicions of Kate are going to bring things to a head.

Oh, and if you didn’t realize it before then “Hoth” is the ice planet in Empire Strikes back.

Favorite parts:

Hurley writing “Empire Strikes Back” and the “Let’s face it, Ewoks suck, dude” line.

Lost “Special” next week, and all new LOST in two weeks!

What did you think of tonight’s episode?

LOST – Dead is Dead

Spoilers ahead

First, looks like I was wrong on both counts. Doh! Ah, well…. such are theories.

The show just ended, and here are some random thoughts:

– After all this time of living with it, The Others don’t have a name for that monster. Even more interesting is where it seems to live – inside the basement of the temple. Sure looks like no one has been down there in some time.

– It was interesting to see Ben working Caesar to try and get Locke taken care of. Caesar sure didn’t last long either. That shotgun blast was quite a surprise.

– That warning that Ben gave Danielle – “If you want your child to live, every time you hear whispers, run the other way.” That seems weird. Why should she run, if The Others took Alex?

– I don’t believe for a second Ben’s “reason” for killing Locke – that Locke needed to die to get everyone back to the island.

– I think the name “Jacob” was invoked more times in this episode than in any other episode.

– Did you see Ben’s reaction to Christian being on the island? I think Ben knows Christian. Recall that we weren’t quite sure how Christian died. I think Ben might have killed him.

– The question “What lies in the shadow of the statue?” is going to be the question on everyone’s lips for the next… well, until we see what lies in the shadow of statue.

– Alex, or whatever looks like Alex, sure wanted to make sure that Ben followed Locke. I think we might have just seen the threat of what ends up getting Ben killed at the end of the series. And did you see the look on Ben’s face when she told him that he had to follow Locke? He sure was surprised about that.

I think there are four factions on the island in the present day: 1) The Others, 2) The crash survivors, 3) Locke, Sun and Ben, and 4) The spirits that keep coming around (like Alex).

Remember what Ben said to Sun about Locke? That he’d never seen anyone brought back from the dead by the island? If that’s true, I believe Ben knows those other people really are spirits.

Question is, what’s their agenda? They’re not part of The Others. Do they work for Jacob, as Christian suggested when he first met Locke?

I have a feeling that whatever they’re up to, it’s not good. As in, if they get their way, it’s going to be big trouble for the world.

What did you think of the episode?

Reactions to LOST – “Whatever happened, happened”

Spoilers ahead

Just finished watching the show. Here are my reactions to what happened:

First off… my “pre-show” prediction score: 1 out of 3. Sawyer did want Kate to make sure Clementine was OK.

When Cassidy asked Kate if she should wake up Clementine from her nap, my instant reaction was Clementine didn’t exist and Cassidy had lied to Sawyer. I was glad to see later that this wasn’t true.

I loved Hurley looking at his hand, waiting for something like “Back to the Future” to happen. I really liked the conversation between Hurley and Miles too. Miles’ explanation of how time works in the LOST universe was really great.

I really, really have to wonder what the heck Juliet hasn’t been saying about what The Others can do and what they are. Maybe she knew all along this was Ben’s destiny.

At one point during the show, I was pretty convinced the reason Kate went back was because Ben did something in the future to help Aaron, and if Ben died, Aaron couldn’t be saved. This turned out to be wrong, of course.

When Kate lost Aaron in the store, it sure was creepy to see that woman that was holding Aaron’s hand, wasn’t it? It looked like it could be a much, much older version of Claire. I’m sure this was done on purpose…. sure was creepy though. Makes me wonder why Aaron didn’t scream or anything… Has Claire been visiting Aaron a lot more than we know about?

Here’s a random thought: Remember how Claire was warned by the psychic that “Aaron must not be raised by another?” Maybe that warning should have been “Aaron must not be raised by an Other”….

The ending was great. I was pretty surprised to that we got to see where Richard took Ben, and glad they at least said why he wouldn’t remember anything that happened. Richard’s warning that, “He will always be one of us”. “One of Us” was the title of the 16th episode of Season 3.

Did you notice that one of Richard’s men mentioned Elly and Richard? Elly was the girl with the gun in “Jughead” earlier this year (and probably Daniel’s mother). Charles is Charles Widmore. I was surprised they were both still on the island, 20 (or so) years after their first appearance. This probably means that the power struggle between Ben and Charles started on the island itself.

I have to say, Hurley was great this episode, but they should have stopped before he got this “Ask Jack about time travel” (or whatever he said). Completely unnecessary, just like the “Nama-who?” comment in the previous show. It just makes him look stupid.

As for the previews for next week, sure looks like Ben is going to be judged by Smokey, probably right in that temple where Richard took him. Can’t wait!

What did you think of tonight’s show?

LOST – “He’s Our You” – Recap and Theories

As usual, spoilers ahead

A Sayid-centric episode, which we haven’t had yet this season. The last one we saw when he had become a hired gun for Ben. I expected that this would be Sayid’s last episode, not so much because of what happened during this episode… more of the way they did all the previews.

It might sound a little backward, but usually in a show when they make a big deal about something, it usually doesn’t end up happening, at least not the way they planned. When they had that vote, I was pretty convinced Sayid wasn’t going to die tonight.

I do think it was pretty predictable that Sayid was going to shoot Ben. The big question: Is Ben really dead now? For quite a while now, we’ve had “they can’t change the past” has been beat into our heads, so the obvious answer would be no.

But my theory? He really is dead. The Others are going to do something to bring him back.

Random thoughts on tonight’s show:

– So THAT’S where Larry (of Larry, Darryl and Darryl
fame) has been all this time – He’s on the island!

– Ben was the one that sent that flaming car into the building… surprising for a 12-year old (if he’s really is as old as Sayid said)

– Did they have hand-held tasers back in 1977? Yep. There are some pages out there that said it was created in 1988, but it was created back in the 1970s, by Jack Cover.

– I thought that Ilana was working for Widmore, but it turns out she was working for the family of Peter Avalino, the guy that Sayid shot on the golf course.

– That call to Ann Arbor? That was to talk to the DeGroots, I’d wager.

– Ben heard Sayid talking to Jin. That’s bad news, if Ben really does come back.

– Where in the world is Sayid headed now?

And it looks like people are starting to put two and two together, at least from the previews of next week. Jack and a few others are under house arrest. Probably about time too, since people should be a little suspicious by now. Think about it: 1) Juliet, a garage mechanic for Dharma, ends up delivering a baby; 2) Kate has a mixup with her manifest, only to have Juliet come to the rescue; 3) Phil, even if he is as dim-witted as Sawyer says, should be a bit weirded-out that Jack wanted to talk to “LaFleur” on the first day he came to the island.

I really think the whole story starts to fall apart with #1 above, and if Horace thinks about it, it should be clear…. UNLESS Dharma reassigns people to completely new jobs. I’d say that would be a pretty weird thing to do, so I’m going with the theory that Horace will start putting 2 and 2 together pretty soon.

What did you think of tonight’s episode?

LOST – “Namaste” – Thoughts about The Show


Spoilers ahead
Not much time to write, but I did want to post a few thoughts about the show:

It was great to see what else was going on when the plane went down. I was quite surprised to see that Sun was still in the present day, rather than in the past with the rest of the Oceanic Six. I was even more surprised to see that Christian was the one that met Frank and Sun when they reached the barracks. Next stop? The only thing I can think of is that they’ll have to find (or, more likely, be found by) Richard Alpert.

If Ben originally tried to leave the camp, he’s going to head out again as soon as he can, especially with Locke being alive again.

Sayid seeing Ben, and then saying “I know why I’m here” in the previews for next week pretty much confirms for me that he’ll try and kill the young Ben as soon as he can. He’s going to fail, and I’m afraid that’s going to be the end of Sayid. I think that’s a shame.

Love Hurley’s reaction when he found out he was in the 1970s.

So, are the folks from the 1970s going to be transported into the future, or are the present day folks going to be transported into the past… or will something else happen? I’m guessing that they’ll both be pulled out of their timelines, and sent further into the past.

What do you think?

LOST – “LaFleur” – Thoughts About Tonight’s Show

Spoilers ahead

Some thoughts on tonight’s episode of LOST – “LaFleur” –

  • Loved the statue, even if we just saw it from the back. From the arms, it looked like a female. It looked like it had a crown of some kind too. If she were accidently whipped WAY back in time, would they consider her a “god”, and build that statue? Could this be one of the LOST women? Kate, Juliet, Sun? Maybe they’ll build it after that person dies, as a monument.
  • New Dharma logos on the clothes – I saw a star, a wrench..
  • The guys in the observation station sure are scared of Sawyer – Did you see he was head of security?
  • Which version of Ben killed his Father?
  • Women on the island can have children. Is this because they conceive off the island, and then come back? Or has the reason they can’t have children in the present day not happened yet? My friend John suggested the reason women can’t have children may be because of the poison gas that was released to kill all of Dharma.
  • Why was Paul killed? Just because The Others found them at a picnic, or because they strayed out of the compound when they agreed not to? They’re certainly not primitives – they had walkie talkies.
  • Why did Amy insist on bringing Paul back? Just because he was her husband? Because she knew what they would do with his body? Or was it because she didn’t want to leave evidence that they were out of the compound?
  • The fence can be bypassed with ear plugs? Really??
  • Juliet delivers the baby…. Isn’t that going to be REALLY suspicious, since she apparently never admitted to being an obstetrician?
  • Jin can speak fluent English now
  • It was cool to see Charlotte as a small child
  • Richard Alpert – What does Juliet really know about that guy? Anything? She must not, because she probably would have told Sawyer by now.
  • Why is there a truce? Why didn’t The Others get rid of Dharma altogether?
  • LOVED how Sawyer talked to Alpert.
  • How is giving Paul’s body going to give The Others “justice”?
  • That sub going back and forth… If the island is moving all the time, how is the submarine finding them? Do they have to recalculate where the island is all the time, or is there a pattern?
  • Why didn’t Juliet leave after the two weeks? Was she really convinced by Sawyer that quickly?
  • Is Sawyer REALLY over Kate? I sure don’t think so.
  • Interesting that Paul’s necklace is an Egyptian symbol.
  • I really like the way they’re thought of letting us know more about The Dharma Initiative.

Really looking forward to the next episode! Looks like lots of action.

LOST – The Life And Death of Jeremy Bentham – Theories

Spoilers ahead
Another great show, and a few more pieces of the puzzle fall into place!

Nearly the entire show was dedicated to what happened to John Locke after he left the island. Surprisingly enough, it turns out that there’s ONE exit point from the island back to the “regular” world (at least via the wheel) and Widmore was watching it. He even had his man, Abaddon, in place to watch to see who might get through.

After all this time of watching Widmore in other situations, it was really tough to believe that he might be telling Locke the truth. When he said he wanted to help John get back to the island, that threw a lot of my speculation out the window and pointed to one thing:

It’s a really, REALLY bad thing that Locke is back on the island.

The thing that completely iced it is that when Ben heard Locke say the name “Eloise Hawking”, Ben killed Locke after the sudden realization that he had made a pretty big mistake.

What sudden realization?

The only thing I can think of is that Ben someone (probably Hawking) told Ben that Locke had to be stopped from going back to the island, but Ben didn’t believe it. Up until that point, Ben had been going under the assumption that Locke was Jacob’s chosen new leader, and that Locke was very important. He believed this so strongly that he even turned that wheel, and sacrificed himself to keep Locke on the island. (In reality, it was Christian that told Locke that he needed to move the island… Ben wasn’t supposed to leave).

If Hawking told Ben that he wasn’t supposed to be the one that left the island (and Locke was suppoed to leave), that Locke wasn’t supposed to be the leader, and possibly that Locke might even be dangerous to have on the island, Ben’s first reaction to this would be not to believe it. That’s normal human nature – make a big mistake, and not being to admit that you were wrong, until evidence presents itself that shows you were wrong. Ben couldn’t bring himself to believe he had been wrong about Locke.

Ben was probably told something like “if Locke tries to go see Hawking, that will be the proof you’ll need”. So, when Locke finally did say her name, that was the evidence that Ben needed to make him realize he was wrong, and that Locke was as dangerous as Ben had been warned. Ben went back to what he does best… do anything to protect the island, and that’s when he killed Locke.

Now, what the heck has been the deal with Ben getting everyone together, including Locke, to get everyone to go back? If Ben wanted to stop Locke, what possible reason would he have for keeping Locke’s body to go back? Well, I think that’s pretty self-explanatory after last week’s show. Locke went back because they needed to get everyone together as soon as they could. I don’t think Ben was counting out Locke coming back to life though. My question is… was it the island that brought Locke back… Or something else?

I do think it was interesting that the island chose all the Oceanic folks to beam down, while Ben was left to crash with the rest of them. Is he really hurt? Or is he biding his time while he figures out what to do? My guess is the latter.

Oh, and I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Abaddon. If Widmore was watching all the Oceanic folks, then there’s a pretty good chance that Abaddon’s body was on that plane too. Locke still owes Abaddon a favor, remember?

What did you think of the show? Do you like my theory? Have one (or two) of your own? Let’s hear ’em!

LOST – This Place Is Death

Spoilers ahead
Great episode! I liked everything about it… a few glimpses of things from the past, and some set-ups for the future.

We saw what was causing the island to hop around. Ben must be a lot stronger than he looks, because the “frozen donkey wheel” (as the producers called it) wasn’t set right. All that wobbling around causing the island to hop around, in time, and possibly otherwise. Now that Ben *and* Locke have touched that thing, I think First Rule Of Frozen Donkey Wheel is Don’t Touch Frozen Donkey Wheel! The big question is, where is Locke going to end up? How long will it take until he finds Ben?

I thought is was VERY interesting that Christian reminded Locke that HE was supposed to turn the wheel, not Ben. I wonder how that fits into the Grand Scheme? What difference would it make if Locke or Ben went? My question here isn’t so much “Why Locke?” as it is, “Why should Ben have stayed?”

And, as we suspected, Charlotte did spend some time on the island. (We also suspected Miles might have too…). She was able to leave the island with her mother, who denied that Charlotte was ever there… oh, and she probably met Dan when she was little too. When did that happen? Back when Dan in the tunnel just before they found the Wheel? Did Dan travel back again? Is he going to get stuck then, possibly even get caught up in The Purge of Dharma?

Did you notice how taken aback Ben was when Desmond said he was at the church to meet Faraday’s mother? Should be interesting to see how that plays out.

All in all, a great episode.

What did you think? Notice anything you’d like to add?