A connection between Lost and Heroes?

Are “Lost” and “Heroes” connected?

Considering the shows are are on completely different networks, I would have to say the answer to that would be a big “NO”, but it’s thinks like this that make people think it is:

Officials could “round us all up, stick us in a lab on some island in the middle of the ocean,” Nathan said. And within nanoseconds, the clarion call clanged out in cyberspace: “Heroes” mentions island! It must be a reference to “Lost”!

Me? References, yes…. Real connections? No way.

Via The Boston Globe

2 thoughts on “A connection between Lost and Heroes?”

  1. It’s called a shout out; that’s it. There have been at least 3 shout outs for LOST on The Office and just this Thursday on 30 Rock, Liz says to Wayne Brady, “So how about LOST this season?”

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