Any resemblence to “Bad Day” is purely…

Annie over on Dave Barry’s blog suggested “24 – The Musical”…

Apologies to …. well, everyone… for the following:

(Special apologies to Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day”)

This was the moment we needed you most
You hit the streets and the terrorists lost
Tony and Michelle, they passed away,
Even poor Edgar – he turned gray,
And everything seemed to be going wrong….

You’d stand in line just to hit Gredenko,
No bathroom in sight; when do you go?
One of the worst days in your life,
You’re shooting the thighs of everyone’s wife,
Jumping on planes with one carry on….

Cause you had a bad day,
You’re takin’ em down,
The streets are empty when you’re driving in town,
And Chloe will know,
You know she won’t lie,
But Curtis can’t drive when you go for a ride,
You had a bad day
Audrey might have died,
You could talk to Nadia,
But she’s got Milo on her mind,
You had a bad day
You had a bad day

Well you need a CTU holiday,
The point is we’re happy you saved the day
And we don’t mean to carry on…

You had a bad day
You took ’em all down,
You called on your phone, and the bill weighs a pound,
You brought the drone in low,
Dropped it out of the sky,
You saved The Bay when you shot the bad guy,
You had a bad day,
Fayed will lie
But he’s really creepy and not a nice guy,
You had a bad day,

Sometimes the computers go on the blink and the plans just turn out wrong
But you know Chloe can get them back and beam right to your phone,
And we’re not wrong

We know you’ll be there when we need you the most
Even Edgar believes that, and he’s just a ghost

‘Cause you had a bad day,
You’re taking ‘em down,
Lennox says he doesn’t know,
Karen says that’s a lie,
They say you’re all done,
We hope that’s a lie,
You helped us a lot, and you’re our kinda guy,
You had a bad day,
We’ll call you again
And ask you to help one more time,
You had a bad day
But you saved the day