Lost – “Expose”

Spoilers ahead!

Some random thoughts about tonight’s episode, “Expose”:

That was quite an ending. Especially when Nikki opened her eyes while Sawyer and Hurley were filling the grave. What a gruesome way to die. Somehow I don’t think Locke’s advice to Paolo about “things don’t stay buried on this island”, will come true in this case, since they were buried in the graveyard above the high tide line. Sure was a quick way of getting characters nobody seemed to like.

Long time Lost Podcast fans: That’s probably as close to a zombie episode as we’ll ever see on the show.

I thought they did a pretty good job at stitching together footage from some of the earlier shows to show Nikki and Paolo interacting with everyone.

It was good seeing Boone and Shannon, but Nikki’s line of “I hope we don’t end up like them” was kind of like being hit over the head with a sledgehammer, and not your typical subtle foreshadowing.

The actor who plays Paolo (whose name escapes me at the moment) is referred to as “Tom Cruise of Brazil” by the writers, and in the show he was referred as the “Wolfgang Puck of Brazil”.

“The pigs are walking”, which Artz quotes, is a line from Animal Farm.

When Paolo is in the observation station, the conversation you can barely hear between Ben and Juliet while the enter the room is:

Ben: Who left this open?
Juliet: Tom was down here a couple of days ago.
Ben: Well, have him cover it up with the plane.

Question: After Paolo found that walkie-talkie…. Do you think he used it?

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  1. The actor that played Paolo also played Xerxes (?sp) in 300. Hard to see him in that role…but it’s the truth.

    Weird up overall, but I liked it. It was, what I’d call, a “reunion” episode. Fun…and got rid of characters that the show wasn’t really using anyway.

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