Two more years of LOST? Not so fast….

One of our regular visitors, Guy, was kind enough to point me to a story earlier today that says that LOST is going to end in 2009, it’s going to be off for another seven months, and that it will be moving to an earlier timeslot.

Long time listeners of the LOST Podcast will know that Lindelof and Cuse, the two head writers of the show have hinted at this for some time now.

Is that the end of the news…. well, not quite.  I just found out that the exact number of seasons might not be set into stone just yet.

It might not be exactly two seasons!   Whether this means less or more that two, I’m not sure, but we’ll keep an eye on this, because  they’ll be making an official announcement in the next couple of days!

Via Watch with Kirstin.