Top 10 Things I Hope We Find Out In Season 4 of LOST

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spoilers ahead!

Top 10 Things I hope to find out in Season 4 of LOST:

1) Whether Danielle is part of the same group that Jack radioed in the final
episode of Season 3. My guess is that she is.

2) What happened to Walt, if anything. My guess is that he’ll have been lost
at Sea, or will become “inexplicably” older.

3) What’s going on with the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42? Hurley assumed that
they’re bad luck; I think they’re actually numbers that need to be repeated
in order to keep bad luck away. That would explain why the numbers were
being repeated over and over in the radio transmission that Leonard Simms
and Sam Toomey heard.

4) Whether or not the main characters’ fathers actually play (or played) a
larger part in what’s going on. I’ve thought since season 1 that Christian
Shepard played a part in Sarah’s miraculous recovery when Jack operated on
her after the car crash. I still think that whatever Dharma has in the
way of cures was something that Christian was using. Charles Widmore is
powerful, as is Mr. Paik. Widmore owns a construction company, the likely
company that built the hatches in the first place.

5) Whether or not the island is in a “slip stream” (for lack of a better word)
of time. The island is very hard to find, quite probably because it’s not in
the same time frame as the rest of the world. What better place to hide?
Remember, there is that issue of Jack telling Dr. Hammill to get his father
“down here” to see which of them is more drunk. Jack really couldn’t have
forgotten that his father was dead… Could he?

6) What the heck is Ben really working on? Is he really one of the “good
guys”, trying to keep whatever group is now coming onto the island from
exploiting whatever power the island has?

7) Who is in that coffin? Jack went to the funeral; Kate didn’t. Could it
have been Michael? Locke?

8) What’s really happening with Desmond? It appears that more people have
this ability, or are at least aware of it; especially after Ms. Hawking’s
discussion with him in the antique store.

9) What was the real purpose of the Swan station? Was it how the island was
kept hidden, or was the magnetic energy surrounding it used in some way by
Ben’s group?

10) Is John Locke going to end up being the “new Ben”? Ben sure seemed
freaked that John could see Jacob. I think everyone assumes that it was a
powerplay that Ben made to make sure he stayed in charge, and that might
be partially true. What if Ben realizes that John is dangerous in a way
that could be bad for everyone?

Only time will tell when (and whether) we find out the answers to these

What do you think? What do you hope is answered in the upcoming season?