LA Times: Contract outlined in Writer’s Strike

The LA Times is reporting:

Hollywood’s striking writers and major studios have reached the outlines of a new employment contract, resolving key sticking points over how much writers should be paid for work that is distributed over the Internet, people familiar with the negotiations said Saturday.

Hope they get the contract signed. After it does, then the hard decisions will come. Do they finish seasons? Do they just wait until the Fall? LOST has eight episodes already completed, and another eight that were supposed to air – but they’re not completed. What will they do?

There’s a similar situation for “24”. Are they going to delay the season and air it, or cancel it completely?

One thought on “LA Times: Contract outlined in Writer’s Strike”

  1. I read somewhere (a month or so ago) that if the strike ended by mid-to-late Feb, the Lost folks could get at least a few more episodes in the can – probably not the full 16, but more…I also read that 24 would probably NOT be on at all, due to the whole “one season is one day” thing, and there’s no way they could complete all 24 episodes.

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