Time Traveling Charlie… And Locke?

Ha! That figures. I completely forgot something until I saw it tonight.

Last week I wrote about how Charlie was probably time traveling the way Desmond has been doing, but wondered what happened that allowed him to do it.

Turns out, Charlie probably experienced EXACTLY what Desmond did. I’d forgotten that the people near the hatch when it exploded were Desmond, Mr. Eko, John Locke, and ….Charlie! Charlie was downstairs in the hatch with Eko when everything started flying through the air.

It’s not much of a leap to think that if the explosion effected Desmond that way, the same ability was transferred to Charlie.

And probably Locke too. We haven’t see this aspect of Locke, but we’ve seen him healed several times.

We might not be sure about Eko, but if he shows up “where he’s not supposed to be” (as Ms. Klugh would put it), then I think it pretty much confirms the theory that they all gained this ability.

One thought on “Time Traveling Charlie… And Locke?”

  1. Well Locke certainly showed some symptoms of this in last night’s show, with predicting the rain and showing his bullet hole.

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