Writer’s Strike Almost Over – What’s Next for LOST?

There’s an article in the LA Times talking about what the producers and writers for TV shows are up against now that the strike looks like it’s over.

But no question will have more effect this season than the one co-show runners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse face as the end of the strike approaches. When the walkout began in November, eight of the season’s 16 scripts were completed. Will ABC order the final eight to be aired this TV season? Or will some of the episodes get tabled for future seasons?

“I think the big task ahead of us is to basically come up with the best plan both creatively and logistically for ‘Lost’ moving forward,” Lindelof said. “If they go along with what we kind of want to do, my guess is it will be fairly aggressive. So every day counts.”

If all goes as planned, the producers will begin talking about stories with the writers on Wednesday, Lindelof said. The difficulties, he added, might lie in remembering all of the characters, mysteries and island secrets.

Like the Dharma Initiative? (If you don’t know what this is, it will take the length of another strike to explain.)

“Everything I’ve forgotten about the Dharma Initiative is best left forgotten,” Lindelof said. “The good news about time away from the show is that you remember the good stuff. If you’ve forgotten about it, it’s probably best not to be reminded. We’re looking forward to executing the resolution of Season 4. Who are all the members of Oceanic 6? What happened to everybody else? What is the secret the Oceanic 6 are keeping and why are they keeping it? And who are these freighter folk?”

The article covers other shows, like My Name is Earl, so check it out!