LOST: Confirmed Dead

“Confirmed Dead” was another good episode. There were many interesting things to think about in that episode.

1) Why were Daniel, Charlotte, Miles and Frank picked to go along with Naomi to try and capture Ben? A physicist, anthropologist, psychic, and pilot?

It seems to me that Frank was probably recruited because he started raising a red flag about the “pilot” in the plane wreck not really being the pilot. No better way to get him out of the way than sending him away from the media after “recruiting” him.

Miles seems very “into” the whole thing, and so does Charlotte. Frank does somewhat, but Daniel sure seems like a reluctant recruit.

They seem like an odd choices for a group going to do something like that; perhaps they were there to try and figure out what he was doing after Naomi grabbed him?

2) I think it’s likely we’ll find out that polar bear got transported from the island to that desert in an experiment where Dharma was trying to perfect time-jumping.

3) That freighter that Ben has a man on? I think whoever it is has already taken over the ship. The phone call that Daniel made to Minkowski was very abrupt when Regina answered; almost as if she wanted (or was told) to get off the phone quickly.

What did you think of the episode?