LOST: The Economist

Spoilers ahead

Another great episode! Random thought about tonight’s show:

More time tricks! This time a projectile gets fired from the ship, and it’s off by 31 minutes. Are the people on the island out of sync with everything else in the world by 31 minutes? I couldn’t really tell which timer was which when Faraday looked at them. Are they ahead or behind by 31 minutes?

I think we can discount the theory that the rocket was just “lost” for 31 minutes. The radio conversation isn’t really proof of anything like that, because the could be in different times and still spoken to each other. One in the past communicating with one in the present. Daniel understands the potential problem since he says “this is not good”.

Second question, who is RC? Those were the initials on Naomi’s bracelet, which was inscribed “N. I”ll always be with you. R. C.” Did you notice that Isle had the same bracelet? Another thing, why in the world would they have bracelets?

The theory that Ben is in that coffin (from last year’s season finale) probably has been put to rest (Ha! Pun! – Sorry!), unless there’s a real mind-bender of a reveal in store.

Ben seems to be quite the traveler too. So many suits, so many passports. Why hide that? Do his people know that he travels off the island?

Interesting conversation that Kate and Sawyer had too. Sawyer says he doesn’t want to go back. It really seems that the majority of the people on the plane don’t have anything back in the “real” world that they want back too. Sun, Jin, Rose, Sayid, Locke, Hurley…. They all had problems back in the “real” world they really wouldn’t mind leaving.

What “work” does Charlotte have to do on the island? Is Miles there to try and communicate with Jacob?

That warning that Daniel gave to Frank – what will happen if he doesn’t follow that bearing? Where, or when will they end up?

Poor Sayid, it looks like he was being played the whole time by Else, when he thought he was deceiving her.

What about that conversation at end of the show, eh? Pretty wild. Ben told Sayid, “Need I remind you what they did the last time you though with your heart instead of your gun?” Sayid replied, “You used that to recruit me into killing for you.” Ben replied, “Do you want to protect your friends or not?”

What are they talking about? My guess is the people that Sayid is going after found Nadia (Sayid’s love from Iraq) and killed her when Sayid didn’t go along with them.

What do you think about tonight’s episode?

2 thoughts on “LOST: The Economist”

  1. Good pun, but if I may play impish advocate: we don’t know the time reference of the Sayid/Ben flash forward compared to the coffin scene…

    I got the sense that Sayid recognized the bracelet on Naomi, so perhaps it will feature on a flashback at some other time?

  2. Very true about the Sayid/Ben scenes.

    I’m sure were going to find out who’s handing out those bracelets; I thought it might be Regina when I first saw Naomi’s bracelet, but now I’m not sure.

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